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What to pay attention to when shipping goods

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-29

What should you pay attention to when shipping goods, then VIPUTRANS will explain to you one by one:

1. Don't sign big contracts with boat companies.

2. Don't entrust unfamiliar freight forwarders, despite the promises.

3. The freight rate should be confirmed in text as much as possible. In fact, don't worry about the profit of the freight forwarder, you only need to consider the cost of your trade.

4. The bill of lading must be checked carefully, and must be checked against the contract and LC. If there is an error, it must be revised in time.

5. Be careful with the ship, and don't be dumped because you don't pay attention.

6. The chartering of the entire ship requires the participation of relevant personnel. Don't think that your qualifications are sufficient to cope with complicated contracts. It is worthwhile to spend some money to hire relevant personnel.

7. When discussing contractual cooperation, we should implement the text, and insist on not paying other fees when making payments.

8. Choosing a good freight forwarder is more valuable than choosing a good shipping company.

9. Electro-discharge is provided to customers with good reputation. Generally, they will not be used for unfamiliar customers.

10. Backlogged bill of lading is a kind of deception. Although it is relatively common, it still illustrates the management confusion in the production and stocking stage. Should be avoided.

11. For the shipping company entrusted by the customer, if possible, you should visit or call to find out the background.

12. Insurance should be timely, and supplementary insurance should be carried out according to different goods.

13. The goods have wooden pallets. Pay attention to whether the other party's customs has fumigation requirements.

14. Small shipping companies have cheap freight rates, but there is a risk of disappearance.
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