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What to Look For When Taking Stock of an Inventory

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-02
Inventory Management, E-commerce, Supply ChainAs e-commerce grows, online retailers can benefit greatly from modern automation tools. Choosing the right online inventory management system, for example, can impact both sales and the entire enterprise, and allow e-commerce retailers to retain their competitive advantage. According to Multiorders, here are five factors to consider when selecting an inventory management system.1. Centralized user interface. With a centralized interface, users are able to use one dashboard to fulfill orders and carry out store management from a single location.2. Full automation. With fully automated software, users do not need human employees to manually choose a carrier and update tracking numbers. 3. Automated stock checking. Multichannel inventory control means that the user is able to control the stock levels of several sales channels from one centralized location.4. Marketplace merging. Marketplace merging means a platform is able to merge several products from different marketplaces—including Amazon—into one order, speeding up delivery time.5. Cost effectiveness. Different inventory management systems offer varied pricing, so it's important to choose one that offers the best price-quality ratio.Bonus: Shipping management. Some inventory management solutions also offer shipping management integration. Although there are separate software solutions focusing on e-retail shipping process automation, it makes things easier if your inventory management software can do both.
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