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What should we pay attention to for large-scale

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-17
Large-scale transportation generally refers to the transportation of goods with advantages of large volume and weight. Large-scale transportation is different from small-scale transportation. Generally, vehicles cannot meet the large-scale transportation, and special transportation tools are required to complete it. Therefore, large-scale transportation is a special project, and it is related to the personal property safety and the reputation of the entire transportation enterprise. So what do we need to pay attention to in bulk transportation? In the transportation of large items, the editor summarized the precautions before, during, and after transportation for your reference. Before transportation: certificate and vehicle inspection, route formulation and cargo packaging precautions (1) Documents must be complete, permits and transport permits are required for over-limits and special goods During the transportation process, the basic requirements for large-scale transportation must be strictly implemented. Large shipments of oversized freight need to apply for relevant permits and transport products in accordance with the corresponding driving routes. The large-scale equipment needs to go through relevant formalities before transportation, and the shipper needs to provide the detailed description of the goods to the shipper. For special shipments, corresponding permits are required to ensure smooth and safe transportation. (2) Selection of vehicle model and safety monitoring are essential It is clear whether the selected car conforms to the length, height and width of the large cargo that needs to be transported, and at the same time, the risk resistance of large cargo transportation must be enhanced. For the handover of large goods, the loading and unloading door needs to prepare professional large-scale loading and unloading tools such as cranes and forklifts. (3) Transportation plan and packaging protection are the foundation It is necessary to formulate the corresponding optimal transportation plan according to special products. As with other goods, it is necessary to protect the damaged parts in packaging. Oversized transport Image source: Internet During transportation: keep in mind the transportation route and traffic signs, and be careful when parking and transportation speed (1) During the transportation process, it is necessary to carefully analyze the characteristics and technical parameters of the transported goods, grasp the requirements and safety of equipment transportation in a timely manner, provide them with reliable transportation solutions and emergency solutions, and provide a good transportation environment for large-scale transportation. During the transportation process, it is necessary to pay attention to the setting of some low-end height, width, and weight signs in the road transportation. It is necessary to know the restricted road sections in advance to reduce unnecessary trouble and time consumption caused by the transportation process. (2) The transportation speed should be grasped, and the parking should be paid attention to The larger the cargo, the greater the inertia, and the speed is too fast. It is quite dangerous to stop in an emergency. Therefore, the transportation speed should be well controlled. In addition, large-scale transportation is generally a long way, and there will be multiple stops during the middle. When you stop, you should choose a safe and wide-view area to ensure the safety of yourself and others. (3) The operation must be cautious in actual transportation, and it is important to strictly follow national laws and regulations in transportation. After transportation: choose the appropriate unloading method for large cargo Unloading of large cargo requires the use of professional large loading and unloading tools such as cranes, forklifts, etc. to ensure that large cargoes are not damaged. In short, large-scale transportation is a special type of transportation. Pay attention to it before, during, and after transportation to ensure the safety of the cargo and itself.
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