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What should international logistics do in Australia

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
In recent years, because of Australia’s pleasant natural environment, excellent air quality, and superior welfare policies, more and more Chinese people have begun to choose to immigrate to Australia. However, after comparison, you will find that many domestic products are of good quality and cheap. It will be very expensive, so I want to ship domestic domestic furniture, kitchenware and other daily necessities to Australia, so how do I ship to Australia? 1. To choose how the company international logistics arrives in Australia, first find a reliable international freight company. Shanghai VIPU Supply Chain international freight forwarding company has a complete set of international shipping, logistics, and transportation licenses. It is a member of the International Logistics Association (IAM). For many years, it has been committed to providing professional door-to-door one-stop cross-border transportation services for private goods. Immigration, foreign students, foreign teachers, relatives, foreign companies in China and people going abroad provide the most professional international transportation solutions, covering international baggage consignment and logistics door-to-door services all over the world. 2. There are two ways of shipping by sea, FCL and LCL. The cargo volume exceeds 20 cubic meters, and it can be shipped by FCL. Less than 20 cubic meters of bulk cargo LCL is more cost-effective. The whole cabinet has 20GP 40GP 40HQ20 feet container: inner size 5.69 meters X 2.13 meters X 2.18 meters / distribution gross weight is generally 17.5 tons / volume 26 cubic meters 40 feet container: inner size 11.8 meters X 2.13 meters X 2.18 meters / matching The gross weight of the cargo is generally 22 tons/volume 54 cubic meters and 40 high container: inner size 11.8 m X 2.13 m X 2.72 m/ gross weight of distribution is generally 22 tons/volume 68 cubic meters. The whole container and bulk cargo delivery process are similar, and the whole container can be installed outside You can also consolidate and load the goods in our warehouse. Bulk cargo can only be collected in our warehouse, and our company will uniformly arrange the loading. 3. International logistics process (1) Consult VIPU Supply Chain international logistics customer service. They will formulate a suitable transportation plan according to the number of items and the location of the goods, so as to save costs and simplify transportation. (2) Come to pack and pick up the goods. VIPU Supply Chain International provides packaging materials for free, and arranges for professional logistics masters to come to pack, and transport the goods to VIPU Supply Chain's warehouse in Shanghai (3) Book the space according to the volume of your cargo and ship to the destination country with the shipping company Booking space. (4) Arrange for container loading. The container will be brought to our warehouse, and the workers will load the goods into the container uniformly. If there is solid wood, arrange the fumigation staff to apply medicine and fumigation. The packing is completed and the seal is sealed. The seal will not be opened until Australia is safe and reliable. (5) For domestic customs declaration, private goods are to be paid for for export. We fill out the declaration form and pay for the export with the customs broker. (6) Shipping. We keep track of the cargo situation during our operations. Notify customers of the arrival time of the goods at any time. (7) Customs clearance. Three days before the arrival of the goods, the Australian customs clearance personnel will take the bill of lading and the customs clearance materials to pre-clear the customs. After the customs clearance is completed, the phone will make an appointment for delivery time. (8) Pick up and deliver the goods. The delivery address of the whole container allows you to directly pull a container. If the container cannot be pulled, you need to disassemble the container and transfer it to a truck for delivery. For bulk cargo, lorries are arranged to pick up and deliver the goods to the customs warehouse. (9) Delivery to the door requires workers to unload, move into the house, place furniture, unpack, assemble furniture, and take away garbage. Customers need to pay attention to the whole process and provide the information; if the goods are made of solid wood wooden frames, they need to be fumigated when imported into Australia. Wooden strips with bark cannot be fumigated, so be sure to remind the manufacturer that you cannot use the bark The wooden strips hit the wooden frame. If the goods do not have solid wood, you can use the composite board to hit the wooden frame, and the fumigation fee can be free. The information that the customer needs to provide includes; the name of the consignee, the consignee’s contact phone number and e-mail address, the consignee address, the photo or scanned copy of the consignee’s passport photo page, a detailed list of goods, and the ID photo of the domestic consignor. 4. Tax exemption policy Since July 1, 2018, Australia has cancelled the 1,000 Australian dollar tax point. All commercial goods imported into Australia are subject to tax. Only one situation can be exempt from tax. 1. New immigrants who have immigrated to Australia within five years. 2. Used goods that have been used for more than one year for the first transportation in the past can apply for tax exemption if they meet these two conditions at the same time. The customs clearance process for tax exemption is different from the customs clearance process for tax payment. For tax exemption, the consignee needs to go to the customs to pass the customs interview. If the customs officer gives the tax exemption, the tax exemption is granted. The probability of the tax exempt customs officer checking the goods is 100%. For tax payment, the consignee does not need to go to the customs. 5. Points to note (1) The Australian customs has requirements for items that are prohibited from entry and must be declared, such as meticulous. Prohibited items in Australia include: antiques, cultural relics, sources of epidemic diseases, from epidemic areas or spreading diseases Food, medicines and other medicines, fresh food, live animals (except cats and dogs), animal and plant specimens, animal and plant pathogens and pests, animal carcasses, soil, etc. Therefore, it is recommended not to transport the above items. (2) When transporting goods to Australia, they may be inspected by the customs when they enter customs. The major factor in the inspection of the goods is that the value of the goods is too low and the inventory of goods is inaccurate. Therefore, the carrier needs to provide accurate cargo information. (3) We will all purchase marine insurance for our customers, but the insurance does not cover fragile goods, so the goods are fragile goods, and a few more layers of bubble film should be placed on the packaging. (4) Our company provides free warehouse collection for customers, and the free collection time is one month. The above is a rough door-to-door operation plan for Australia shipping double cleaning. The specific detailed operation process needs to be customized according to the goods.
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