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What should I pay attention to when using international

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
Live items have become essential commodities in daily life, and live items in express delivery also account for a large part. Because international express has always strictly controlled live products, many express channels have listed electrified products as prohibited items. Lead to confusion for foreign trade businesses. So why does the air freight list battery items as prohibited items? How do we send items with batteries in international express delivery?

  Why are battery items listed as prohibited items in air freight?
  Because batteries are combustible and easily leakable items, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the 'Notice on Strengthening the Air Transport of Lithium Batteries in Passenger Baggage', which explicitly prohibits air transport of items with batteries, especially lithium batteries. Because our mobile phones, notebooks, cameras, etc. are all equipped with lithium batteries, mobile power sources are also lithium batteries for rechargeable batteries. Comprehensive appeals. In order to avoid accidents and protect the safety of passengers’ lives and properties, it is prohibited to consign in air transportation (including Large cargo) lithium batteries for electronic equipment such as mobile phones or laptops.

   In fact, batteries can be transported, but they must meet the airline’s requirements for transportation of dangerous goods. For example, they can only be loaded into warehouses and the quantity should be less than a certain standard. Exceeding the rated energy needs to be approved by the airline. The specific regulations are as follows: lithium batteries in portable electronic equipment such as cameras, laptops, and video cameras carried by passengers, if installed in the equipment, and the lithium content does not exceed 100wh (watt hours), can be carried or delivered; Lithium batteries of 100wh but not more than 160wh must be carried after being approved by the airline. Spare batteries must be individually insulated and can only be carried in hand luggage. Lithium batteries over 160wh are strictly prohibited.

   Then how do we send live goods in international express delivery? This needs to be based on the regulations of each period and each channel to know whether the battery items can be transported. Logistics Baba specializes in serving international foreign trade sellers engaged in online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Dunhuang and Alibaba in China, adhering to us and Hongkong Post, China Post, Swiss Post, Royal Mail, Singapore Post and international express DHL, UPS, TNT The cooperative relationship with FedEx provides professional logistics and supporting services for domestic professional sellers. Internet Easy provides a variety of channels to carry battery items, please consult our customer service for details.

  What do I need to pay attention to when I take the battery international express?
   To put it simply, three conditions are required:
   First, provide battery manufacturer certificate.
   Second, provide battery trademarks.
   Third, provide the original seal of the battery manufacturer (copy is invalid).

   Battery international express packaging requirements:
  1. The battery express must be packaged separately, and the inner box can only hold 2 at most; the inner box must be sealed, and the inner/outer box must be shaken without sound, and the single piece does not exceed 10kg.
  2. The mobile power supply must be packed according to the standard of pure battery, the box in the box, and the inner box can only hold 2 at most.
  3. Outer box packaging: The outer box packaging must be tough and clean, no soft packaging such as parcel bags, document seals, etc., and carton ears cannot be cut off.
  4. Document requirements: There are remarks on the waybill, list, and invoice for the battery category (lithium battery), type (PI965-PI968), and power (current * voltage).
  5. The battery type, model, voltage and capacity of all express export batteries must be included, and the power cannot exceed 100WH. Power calculation method: capacity AH * voltage V is less than 100WH, dry battery is packaged separately, one piece does not exceed 10KG.
  6. ??One battery within 2.7WH does not limit the number of batteries, and one battery cannot exceed 2.5KG.
  7, 2.7WH-20WH batteries should be installed in the inner box, one inner box contains 8 batteries, one cannot exceed 10KG.
   8, 20WH-100WH batteries should also be installed in the inner box, an inner box can only hold 2 batteries, one cannot exceed 10KG.
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