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What should I pay attention to when transporting fragile items?

by:VIPUTRANS     2019-12-28
Cups, plates, glass jars and other products are all fragile items, which are easily broken due to external force during transportation. Once these fragile items are damaged during transportation, they will have a great impact on logistics companies and merchants. Therefore, when transporting fragile articles, we must understand the relevant matters needing attention and do a good job of relevant protection. So what should be paid attention to when transporting fragile goods. The following is a detailed introduction by the editor. Note 1: The packaging is firm. When packaging fragile articles, the extra space must be filled with articles padding materials, in this way, the articles will not shake or squeeze during transportation. Of course, if it is the kind of goods without outer packaging, it must be fixed with plywood and rope and protected. What should be paid attention to when transporting fragile articles? Note 2: vehicle transportation. Generally, fragile articles are transported by vehicle, which can avoid collision with other articles. If you must use the assembled goods to transport, it must be separated from some goods, and must not be mixed with the goods that are afraid of moisture, heat, flammable, easy to absorb, and easy to pollute; Be careful when loading, pay attention to the strict sign * roll over, heavy pressure. Note 3: The speed is uniform. Considering that the transported items are fragile, it is necessary to choose a flat transportation route. The speed must be uniform during driving. Do not brake urgently, avoid violent vibration and then cause collisions between fragile objects, thus causing fragmentation. In addition, we need to pay attention to the fact that before determining the transportation route, we must first understand the road conditions!
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