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What should I pay attention to when exporting

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
   The import and export of dangerous goods in various countries are strictly controlled, so there are certain requirements for the declaration of dangerous goods. The following points should be noted in the export of dangerous goods in my country:

  1. Before the export of dangerous goods, provide the dangerous goods manual to the forwarder (the dangerous goods manual must include the Chinese and English product name, dangerous goods grade, dangerous page number, and UN number), and the forwarder will ask the customs whether the port accepts such dangerous goods.

  2. If the port receives such dangerous goods, it can start to arrange the booking.

3. Before booking, you must fill out an entry-exit inspection and quarantine application form and packaging identification application form. If the company has registered with the entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau where the port is located, it is not necessary to fill in the entry-exit inspection and quarantine application form Application form, but it is necessary to stamp our company's seal on the packaging appraisal application form, and submit the two documents to the factory, and the factory will apply to the local Commodity Inspection Bureau for the packaging appraisal of dangerous goods exported by sea.

4. When booking the space, in addition to the normal documents, the following documents must be provided: the Chinese and English manuals of dangerous goods (copy), the use appraisal result sheet for the seaborne export dangerous goods packaging container, and the performance appraisal result sheet for the seaborne export dangerous goods packaging container ( Carton packaging) Note: Sometimes a packing certificate is required.

5. If the dangerous goods are of different types when booking, the dangerous goods must be booked and allocated according to the different dangerous characteristics, so that the ship can comply with the 'International Maritime Dangerous Goods' according to the various characteristics of dangerous goods. Isolation requires separate storage and transportation for safety. For example, in a letter of credit and contract that simultaneously ship three different types of goods: oxidizer, flammable liquid and corrosive goods, three consignment notes must be prepared for the three different types of dangerous goods during consignment, and no one consignment note must be made. Simultaneously consign three kinds of dangerous goods that are incompatible with each other; otherwise, the ship will pack three kinds of mutually incompatible dangerous goods together, and the three kinds of goods with different properties and incompatible with each other can easily come into contact with each other. Chemical reaction causes burning, explosion, and accident. In the case of container transportation, avoid incompatible dangerous goods in the same container.
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