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What should I do if the goods are sent to the

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05

1. First check who is responsible. At this time, we need to check whether there are any mistakes in the receipts of the shipper, ourselves and the shipowner. Generally speaking, there are three situations:

One is that the carrier sends the goods according to the shipper’s consignment note. If it is the shipper’s error, it will cause the wrong location. At this time, the shipper shall bear all responsibilities and expenses.

The second is the problem of freight forwarding. If the freight forwarding makes mistakes, it may cause the shipowner to make mistakes, because the shipowner handles things according to the consignment note given by the freight forwarder; at this time, the responsibility is the freight forwarder.

The third is that the shipowner makes a mistake, and the shipowner confuses the goods, but the probability of this is very small. But if it is the responsibility of the shipowner, then you have to negotiate with the shipowner. No matter what happens to us, we must calmly analyze whose responsibility is, so that we can come up with a solution.

2. After finding out the problem, see if the port can be changed. First, check how many ports the shipowner has called, and see if there is any transit. If the cargo is still on the way, you can negotiate with the shipowner for the transfer, because if this is not the case , When the ship arrives at the wrong port, if it is retransmitted, not only will it incur very high costs, but also customers will not be able to wait.

3. Look at the value of the goods. If the value of the goods is relatively low, you can abandon the goods or auction them locally to reduce your own losses. If the value of the goods is too high, it is recommended to transfer the goods or take them back. You must know that the goods will be parked at the port. There are high cabinet rents and goods storage costs.

4. Before the goods are shipped, the freight forwarding company and the salesperson must carefully check the documents in hand to see if there are any mistakes. Don't choose some irresponsible shipping company for cheap. Be sure to choose a good reputation. Moreover, it is better to choose some timeliness, because some shipowners may not guarantee when the goods will arrive at the port. For them, it is only a problem of late arrival. Even if they are held accountable for any legal responsibility, they will have no loss. This is not good for the consignee, which not only affects the delivery time, but also may have a bad impression. For us, maintaining the interests of our customers is also a basic condition for us and our customers for long-term orders.

Remind everyone that salesmen, shipowners, and freight forwarders must have a strong sense of awareness, and everything needs to be in front, whether it is the delivery date or the customs declaration, they must be prepared in advance!
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