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What should I do if the confirmation of the bill

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
  The confirmation of the bill of lading means that the goods have been delivered to the ship, but the forwarder will confirm with the shipper on the customs cut-off day before the ship departs, that is, the latest time for the bill of lading confirmation is the cut-off date before the ship departs.

The procedure is as follows: After the goods are declared, the freight forwarder will fax the confirmation of the bill of lading to the shipper, and the shipper will check the quantity, weight, volume, product name, mark, freight terms, and sale according to the content shown on the bill of lading and the actual shipment situation. The names of both parties, etc. If you need to modify, please tell the forwarder to make the modification in time. After the modification, the freight forwarder will fax the modified part to the shipper again. Until it is completely accurate, then the original bill of lading is issued.

If the ship sails, there is no need to confirm the bill of lading, because at that time the shipping company has already sent the bill of lading information before boarding to the port of destination. If it needs to be modified, the shipping company will charge a certain fee for each bill of lading or It is US dollars or Renminbi, which ranges from 100 yuan to 200 yuan.

If the bill of lading is not confirmed, it will not only cause the above modification costs, if it is not modified directly to the port for the consignee to pick up the goods, not only will the goods not be picked up, but also after some delays, detention costs at the port of destination, terminal costs, And the resulting claims from the consignee are likely to arise, so the confirmation of the bill of lading is very important for the consignee and the consignor.
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