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What should I do if Amazon FBA goods are unsalable?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-29
During the epidemic, people's living consumption changed, and sales of some products increased, such as household kitchen utensils, office and school supplies. Sellers have changed their products in order to explode. Of course, there will also be some sellers' previous products that belong to categories with low demand, and there will be a problem of slow sales. If it is goods stored in FBA, it is necessary to consider how to dispose of used goods.

Reasons for sellers to clear inventory

The advantage of FBA delivery is that the seller is only responsible for sending the goods out, and the final logistics, delivery and other services are solely responsible for the Amazon warehouse staff. The seller only needs to pay a certain storage fee and other related expenses.

But this involves a problem, that is, storing the goods in the warehouse for one day requires an extra day's storage fee. If the seller's products are unsalable, the goods are equal to piled up in the warehouse, requiring more cost. So if a product is unsalable, the most important problem is to quickly find a way to deal with it.

Check inventory first

Sellers can learn about their storage volume in InventoryDashboard in SellerCentral, click Inventory―InventoryPlanning―FBAInventoryAge, and on the FBAInventoryAge page, sellers can see the time their goods are stored in the warehouse. It can be sorted according to the length of the storage time of the goods and the LTSF fees that need to be paid, so as to have a detailed understanding and facilitate the seller to make better handling decisions.

Second, the method of handling inventory

(1) Repricing

This method is the most beneficial for the seller, at least you can find a way to earn back the cost. If it is said that the original price cannot be sold, you might as well lower it a bit, or even sell it at a loss, and you can recover some losses. Certain sellers are reluctant to cut prices, but in order to withdraw funds as soon as possible and start the next stage of sales plans, they need to make some abandonment choices.

The fastest way to reprice is to match the goods with the current BuyBox price. Sellers can repricing software or through SellerCentral on the 'ManagePricing' page.

(2) Destroyed directly by Amazon

This method is aimed at goods that have expired and cannot be sold. It will cause an unpleasant shopping experience to the buyer and the bad reviews will not be worth the loss, and there is no point in returning it. So it is better to hand it over to Amazon for the destruction of the goods more directly, and Amazon will only charge a small portion of the handling fee, and this fee will be deducted from the seller’s account within 45 days.

The seller's steps are as follows: Click the arrow next to 'Edit'-slide down the pop-up menu-select 'CreateRemovalOrder'-the seller can choose what type of RemovalOrder to create. Take the Dispose type as an example. When the Dispose option is selected, the ShippingAddress area will become an unselectable gray style. In SpecifyOrderedSKUs/Units, select the quantity of the removed goods you want to destroy, and click 'Continue' at the bottom of the page to confirm the removal of the goods on the new page that pops up.

(3) Send the inventory back to the original place or donate

If the seller feels that the remaining inventory really cannot save much money, he can consider sending it back for another treatment. As long as the product has not been used for long enough, you can take it back to a friend or take it to second-hand stores and flea markets for sale.

Sellers who want to create such a list only need to repeat the above steps and select 'ShiptoAddress' in RemovalMethod. If you want to send the goods back, please be sure to fill in the delivery address clearly.
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