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What secret can make our logistics time

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Logistics from the decision to prepare to logistics process and the final packing, is a long process. After decided to logistics, the sooner you start collecting packaging materials, packaging will be more convenient after the event. If can use life around on its own resources to pack, can save logistics costs, the old material recycling more environmentally friendly, specific how to do, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of small make up to action. Left at first, we can take advantage of the Internet shopping paper box, to the nearby shops sells for used old boxes, large shopping bag and so on, many a mickle makes a muckle, and when to start preparing the packaging, can accumulate enough quantity. First collect packaging materials, such as recycling old boxes, suitcases, sorting boxes, plastic bags, large black bags, plastic drawer and his knapsack and so on. Looking for shockproof material, the same newspaper, bubble paper, plastic wrap or old clothes. Will the above packaging materials and shockproof material combination, become the logistics goods container. Second, if too many and miscellaneous items family relocation, suggest to start in a month before the logistics planning. If an individual or a small move, hands enough or need to pack items is not much, suggest start planning can be a week to two weeks. Try not to pull the packing time is too long, so as not to affect the quality of life, but increase the burden of mental. First stage: first part with stuff you don't need one. Every logistics, can try to examine whether there is a redundant items in the home, while logistics to arrange to do a thorough clean up, back to home a comfortable and neat space. 2. Before start packing, classification of items don't need to use the recovery system of the environmental protection bureau. 3. Can also will be discarded items concentrated, such as logistics when logistics lp handled, please. Logistics lp can't dump into the government, need to private legal wastes discarded, and additional charges. The second stage: now don't need to use the item packaged 1 first. Seasonal items such as quilt, sweaters, books and magazines, kitchen supplies, decorative crafts, souvenirs, toys, may first attempt to pack. 2. Find a place to focus stacking, do not place, scattered around the reserved space for next work place, packaging can have wide also let life work and rest is not affected, alleviate the pressure of the logistics. The third stage: try to concentrate on shorten the time of the pack 1. If time permits, time of concentration and effort, please to help families and friends, together will be very efficient. 2. If the time is scattered or shorthanded, time of concentration and strength as far as possible, the best 2 hours. Don't just pack boxes would hurry, so can make your life work and rest is disorder, increasing frustration. Hands-on, than the dream has been planning to efficient. If you can master this several key points of logistics, so must feel logistics can be easily a lot.
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