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What operations abroad can guarantee checked safely?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
A lot of people who go abroad to study or work with will carry a lot of luggage, the items in the process of transportation may be because of collision or operator mishandled wait for a reason to cause the damage of goods, so what should we do to ensure safely checked luggage abroad? One, the outer packing choose special baggage checked baggage packing box, as long as involving transportation has a safe hidden trouble. Baggage packing the most basic, is the first consideration. The quality of the outer packing in the inside of the baggage is a very good protection. In general, professional luggage, the company will provide exclusive checked boxes, so, everyone, when choosing the shipping company must clearly understand the company USES the packing quality. At present, a lot of luggage shipping companies still use traditional wooden box to transport goods, wooden cases though hard enough, but the big weight, is not convenient for storage and collection. Suggest you choose some good can provide tailor-made, buffer, the recycled packaging company. Second, make full use of all kinds of packaging materials packaging no matter how hard the baggage packing boxes have resistance to damage, properly packed are still important, so you need to master certain packaging techniques, luggage can greatly improve safety coefficient. 1, the small volume weight large items such as books recommended evenly in all the cases, the weight to go halves. 2, try to avoid fragile or liquid to carry, if must carry, use the original packaging as far as possible, and keep these items in a plastic bag, soft mat around items, placed in the packing, suitcase or backpack, provide better protection for it. 3, thoroughly clean and dry shoes, boots, and placed it near the top of the parts inside the packing, suitcase or backpack, convenient for inspection and quarantine bureau ( Australia and New Zealand applicable) 。 Sports and camping equipment will thoroughly clean. Big 4, television and computers, in the original packaging of electronic products, and then loaded check box provided by the company. Third, attach importance to the safety of the national customs regulations we say, except for the damaged items, also contains safety to destination. International baggage after all not domestic transportation, but needs must go through two levels, then conform to the requirements of the local country's customs is especially important. Before international baggage, need to understand the clear separation of the baggage rules, understand local what some are prohibited articles or have strict regulations relevant to certain items, and required for customs clearance documents. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the checked baggage, will be helpful for fast customs clearance at the same time also reduce the risk of the crates. Four, to buy the necessary international shipping insurance as is known to all, international transportation involves multimodal combined transport by rail and sea or sea-air freight, and other links, any link wrong, your baggage security is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the baggage to the baggage necessary insurance is very good. When you buy the international shipping insurance, the insured's luggage will be strictly monitored by the insurance company, luggage are more safety guarantee. Usually you can choose according to the checked items precious sex or total loss against all risks. Against all risks, according to the checked items & other; Reset value & throughout; 5% of the premium calculation, coverage includes: the whole case total loss, the items stolen, and water damage cause damage in the cabinet. “ Reset value & throughout; To purchase the cost of the damaged items. Total loss: according to the whole case goods replacement value of 3. Calculating of premium 5% coverage of the whole case total loss ( That the whole case lost) , but does not include some losses. Note: all insurance have no compensation amount, customer will bear the corresponding free money. All claims matters are the standard insurance clauses shall prevail
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