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What matters need attention in diatomite LTL transportation?

by:VIPUTRANS     2019-12-28
Diatomite is only used as adsorbent in industrial production, so its application amount is relatively small, and the purchaser generally only buys 3- Between 5 tons, there are few purchases of more than 10 tons. When the purchase volume is not large, what matters need to be paid attention to when carrying out diatomite LTL transportation. The following is a detailed introduction by the editor. Note 1: The freight rate of diatomite is more expensive than other heavy goods. As we all know, diatomite appears in the form of powder, and its volume is about 2. 5% per ton. About 5 square meters, diatomite LTL transportation company has designated it as heavy dumping, which is 1 ton more than plastic particles. If the volume of 5 square meters is thrown a little, it is inevitable that the freight rate will be higher. What matters need attention in diatomite LTL transportation? Note 2: packaging method. Under normal circumstances, when diatomite LTL transportation company is transporting, each bag of diatomite must be added with an inner bag sleeve. There are many benefits of multiple sets of inner bags. In addition to preventing diatomite dust, it can also play a role in preventing moisture. Note 3: mode of transportation: when carrying out diatomite transportation, diatomite LTL transportation companies generally use LTL bulk transportation. Diatomite has a low market value and the woven bag on the outer package is also of high quality. Therefore, adding an inner bag has another advantage that it can prevent some damage caused by friction between bags when transported in bulk bags, and the damage caused by the falling of the woven bag when the LTL is short.
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