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What Makes a Go-To Ecommerce Partner? Ask Baboon

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-02
Inventory Management, Partnership, E-commerceWith command over inventory as well as every order, return and exchange in the bag, backpack maker Baboon To The Moon is over the moon about their e-commerce fulfillment partner Port Logistics Group.THE CLIENTBaboon To The Moon: Best-in-class adventure essentials. Go-bags made of the highest-grade materials meant to survive everything from the zombie apocalypse to that guy at the airport hurling your bag across the runway. All products come with a lifetime warranty and all packaging is made from recycled materials.THE PARTNERPort Logistics Group (PLG) enables established and emerging retailers to express their brands through exceptional order fulfillment, offering omnichannel logistics services including retail distribution, wholesale distribution, and ecommerce fulfillment. With a strategic mix of 6.5 million square feet of warehouse space backed by intelligent technology and automation, PLG provides the critical link between brands and consumers.Baboon To The Moon, a rising direct-to-consumer and adventure brand and maker of fashion-forward carryalls, such as duffel bags and backpacks, tapped into the yearning for travel when it was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur Andy Person. Challenged to keep up with demand for their colorful carryalls, the company began looking outside their space in Manhattan's garment district for help in fulfilling the crush of orders coming in and the SKUs that were multiplying as they added sizes, colors and accessories.Baboon To The Moon needed to keep up with the demands of fast delivery. They had a brand image to protect; late deliveries or mistakes wouldn't do. As they grew, shipping had to be done right and customer service had to be impeccable.The Baboon to the Moon - PLG ConnectionThe growing brand ultimately chose PLG for a number of reasons. Chief among them was the value they saw in PLG's technology stack powered by its scalable, proprietary ecommerce platform Whiplash.Since starting with PLG in July 2018, Baboon To The Moon has the logistics and fulfillment structures in place to continue its to-the-moon growth trajectory. "Port Logistics Group has added value at every stage of our adventure," says Andy Person, CEO. Sales in Baboon To The Moon's first year with PLG saw more than 4X year over year growth as a new startup. Even with pandemic restrictions, Baboon To The Moon sales continue to expand rapidly since spring 2020.As a growing brand, Baboon To The Moon needed hassle-free integrations between their systems and those of PLG. Setting up their account and systems was as fast and furious as a rocket launch. The Whiplash ecommerce platform easily integrated with Shopify, Baboon To The Moon's shopping cart platform.Notably, Whiplash gives the company command over inventory as well as every order, return and exchange. "Baboon To The Moon can still be hands-on with inventory, shipment tracking and customer service," said Brian Weinstein, senior vice president of business development at PLG. "On Whiplash, it's all right there in front of them in a single, friendly system."But what put Baboon To The Moon over the moon was PLG's commitment to support the company's outsource requirements on a comprehensive basis.PLG's connections with carriers translate to priority for delivery and negotiated discounts. The omnichannel logistics provider's vast distribution network enables Baboon To The Moon to get their products out to customers across the U.S. within 24-72 hours using the market's lowest available shipping rates.PLG has proven to be a right-fit, scalable solution for Baboon To The Moon, saving them from capital and talent investments. For example, PLG's use of LocusBots collaborative robots in its Secaucus, N.J., fulfillment center helps streamline warehouse efficiencies, including smoothing out shipping peaks.As Baboon To The Moon leads the new wave of conscious and connected travelers, the company can worry less about details and delegate more, knowing PLG will provide the customer experience they've built and branded.
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