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What kind of preparatory work does logistics do when going abroad?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Within one month before you confirm the logistics, please contact the professional staff of SIP International Logistics to assess the items to be taken away, obtain the plan and quotation, confirm and sign the contract as soon as possible. At the same time, the items that are not going to be taken need to be processed as soon as possible. Send them or sell them to check whether your visa is within the validity period. After all processing is completed, contact SIP International logistics to make an appointment for on-site packaging and delivery. On-site service We will arrange the on-site time Please confirm with you again before, so as not to change the plan, we will arrange the packaging materials for you the day before you visit. Professionals and transportation vehicles ask you to cut off all electrical appliances before we visit. Clean up the water in the washing machine and water dispenser when you visit. We will pack together with you, affix the label, make a packing slip for you according to the serial number, fill in the receipt form after the packing of the goods is counted, and the bottom line will give you the worker to clean up the garbage generated by the door-to-door service, and check with you whether there is any wall The damage caused by the ground is now basically completed in the country that requires your cooperation, and then we will rest assured to wait for the arrival of the goods.
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