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What is USPS? USPS process

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-19
US Post Office ( English: United States Postal Service, USPS) , Also known as the U. S. Post Office or the U. S. Postal Service, is an independent agency of the U. S. federal government. The US Post Office has 596. 000 employees, and 218. With 684 cars, it is the largest civilian fleet in the world. 17. 7 billion letters are processed each year, accounting for of the world's total. The US Post Office is one of the few institutions mentioned in the US Constitution. U. S. express line parcel tracking: online tracking of the whole delivery process is available on the USPS website of the U. S. Post Office. What is USPS? USPS process. Jpg USPS process 1. 4-It can be delivered in 7 days. 2. Return service is not available for the time being. 3. Electronic Signature Confirmation, charge 20 yuan/piece, customers can find the recipient's signature through the USPS website. 4. Insurance Service: The premium for each parcel is 30 yuan, and the compensation is determined according to the declared price. The maximum compensation is 4500 yuan. 5. The USPS tracking number can be obtained on the Dafang logistics website. 6. For the size limit of usps messages, the sum of the length plus the maximum circumference cannot exceed 274. 32 cm. 7. USPS volume limit: volume does not exceed 1 cubic foot 1 (Cubic City ruler)= 0. 037025927 m³, Volume = longest side * widest side * Highest side, beyond this volume limit will not be declared. 8. Restricted mail :(1). Brand goods and textiles; (2). Spray container Aerosol Cans; (3). Arms and Firearms; (4). Flammable materials; (5). Liquids & powders; (6). Lottery tickets; (7). Toxic substances Poisons 9. Banned mail :(1). Alcoholic beverages; (2). Ammunition; (3). Drug Drug paraphernalia; (4). Fireworks & other explosives the above is the content analysis of what USPS is and the process of USPS. If you want to know more about USPS, please keep an eye on our VIPUTRANS!
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