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What is 'Unmanned Delivery'? Detailed explanation

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-12
In the past month, a national public health security incident triggered by the new coronavirus epidemic has affected each of us. In order to combat the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and ensure the basic living of the residents during the Spring Festival, Meituan Takeaway took the lead in launching 'contactless distribution' on January 26, 2020, and the term 'contactless distribution' was born. So, what is 'unmanned delivery'? Let's take a look at this article together. 'Contactless delivery' is a manifestation of the terminal delivery service method of express logistics. Before the Wuhan epidemic caused special attention, due to factors such as efficient delivery of the 'last mile' of express delivery, privacy protection of recipients, and user safety, 'contactless distribution' has been widely practiced. With the help of smart express cabinets at the end of express logistics, Third-party platforms represented by express delivery stations, collection points, etc., complete the delivery of items. The connotation of contactless delivery can be understood from three aspects: first, the combination of old and new, contactless delivery reflects the combination of new vocabulary of express logistics services and the practice of terminal delivery sharing; the second is the coordination of supply and demand, and accurate user collection under specific backgrounds. Demand for goods provides new ways of express delivery service, and promotes a “win-win” synergy between supply and demand. The third is innovation and change. Contactless distribution reflects the driving force of the change in consumption methods, and will promote the connotation of express delivery, service standards, The operating model and even the regulatory requirements face room for system change. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic and prevent the virus from spreading through express mail and logistics personnel, Hou Yanbo, deputy director of the Market Supervision Department of the State Post Office, said at a press conference of the National Health and Health Commission on January 30. And transport vehicle for secondary disinfection and ventilation. For the inbound and outbound mail and express delivery, Wuhan adopts the mode of fixed-point receipt and delivery, and the courier communicates with the user on the phone, and preferentially chooses to deliver to the intelligent express box to reduce contact between personnel. The virus is extremely unlikely to be transmitted by express mail.
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