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What is the warehouse rental price?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-17
Compared to renting a house, renting a warehouse is relatively new to most people. With the development of the 'sharing economy' in recent years, and cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, it has become one of the development directions of the warehousing and logistics industry. Warehouse leasing has become a new option for most companies to reduce warehousing costs. what is the price? Here I will talk to you. According to Xiao Bian's experience, warehouse rental prices are just like house rental prices. There are different pricing for each type in each region. There is no precise answer. For example, the prices of high-standard warehouses in Beishang, Guangshen, and other super-first-tier cities are generally 40 yuan / ㎡ · month and above, while the rents of high-standard warehouses in general second-tier cities are 25 yuan / ㎡ · month ~ 35 yuan / ㎡ · month. Around, but for some third, fourth, and fifth tier cities, such as Lanzhou and Mianyang, which are relatively remote or economically underdeveloped, the rental price of high standard warehouses is generally around 20 yuan / ㎡ · month. If you want to grasp the real-time monthly rents of warehouses in various logistics nodes in cities, you can pay attention to the 'China General Warehouse Market Dynamic Report' launched by Wulian Yuncang, one monthly issue. In fact, users who often come into contact with the warehouse leasing industry should understand that the general price of warehouse leasing is high or low, which is mainly determined by the following factors: 1. Property Right of the Warehouse: When renting a warehouse, we will basically ask the landlord if they have these documents: land permit, construction planning permit, real estate permit, fire protection record, business license or personal identity card. However, in some farmers' warehouses, the licenses of the old warehouses are incomplete, and the warehouses with incomplete licenses have lower rental prices than the warehouses with complete licenses, but the tenants will also bear a lot of risks because of this. 2. Firefighting in warehouses: Under normal circumstances, there are firefighting records to indicate that there is no problem with firefighting, but each industry has different requirements for the level of firefighting. Of course, the more complete the warehouse firefighting equipment, the more expensive the warehouse rental price. 3. Other rigid conditions of the warehouse: In addition to the above, other rigid conditions of the warehouse have a great impact on the rental price of the warehouse, such as the structure of the warehouse, the type of the warehouse, and the warehouse facilities and equipment. 4. Warehouse location: As mentioned above, warehouse location conditions and traffic conditions will also affect warehouse rental prices. 5. Types of warehouses: According to industry standards, the main types of warehouses are currently divided into room temperature and cold storage, and room temperature storage is also divided into flat storage, building storage, three-dimensional storage, etc., and the rental price of each type of warehouse is also different, such as cold storage The rental price is generally much higher than the room temperature.
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