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What is the THC fee and under what circumstances

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
   Recently, I found that many people are asking what the THC fee is, and others are asking if the THC fee is not for the whole box? Why do I have to charge for LCL? In order to answer your questions, the editor of Souhang.com today came to popularize with you about the THC fee and under what circumstances it needs to be charged.

Terminal Handling Charge-Container Terminal Handling Charge

THC refers to terminal operation fees in shipping. When goods are sold to foreign customers, they need to pay the domestic terminal operation fees. According to the situation of each country, the shipping company is different, the THC fee is also different.

In fact, the THC fee is a uniformly attached to Chinese exporters through shipping companies in order to increase the income of international shipowners. In the early years, this fee was brought from abroad to China. At present, THC fees must be unconditionally paid to international shipowners for export containers. A fee, under the FOB trade, the exporter pays the THC fee.

The THC fee is only divided into large and small containers. Regardless of whether the goods are filled with a container, as long as the unit of import or export is a container, the charging standard is 370 yuan for small containers and 560 yuan for large containers (the charging standards vary in each region, and the data is only For reference), if you are taking LCL, the charging standard is based on the gross weight or volume which is larger. The charging standard of LCL thc is 50 yuan (for reference only) a unit of measurement, and there is also a DOC fee, DOC It is charged by ticket, and the amount of each ticket varies, depending on the shipping company, some 100 yuan, some 150 yuan (for reference only), there are differences, and the actual charge shall prevail.

The country where THC is charged

Southeast Asia, Middle East, Red Sea, Africa, South America, Australia. Countries that charge ORC fees: the United States, the Caribbean, Eurokey, the West, and the East. (ORC fee: Chinese means 'origin surcharge', or 'origin receipt fee'. This fee is a derivative of the terminal fee THC. On some shipping containers exported from Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, and Yunnan, , The shipowner will replace the THC terminal fee with ORC, and directly receive the surcharge for all ports in Guangdong Province or South China. Now all ports in the south are also charged, such as Hainan, Guangxi, Fujian.) Ordinary shipping companies will not charge ORC THC, if you receive THC, you will not receive ORC. If they are collected at the same time, there will be a lot of disputes over the fees, and ORC fees only appear in southern China.

THC fee includes content

The THC fee is generated during the transportation process, which is equivalent to the handling fee in the transportation of general cargo, but it contains more content than the handling fee of general cargo.

In fact, THC fees include all container-related expenses incurred from the ship to the yard or from the yard to the ship, and generally include the following: container handling fees, terminal weighing fees, trailer usage fees, Chassis fees, lashing fees, etc. THC fee is the sum of all costs of the container in the above operations.

Warm reminder: Foreign trade companies that do trade business are very concerned about the THC cost, especially when the goods are sold to foreign customers. They need to pay attention to what THC is and what the THC cost includes, and they are familiar with what THC is. Improve work efficiency.
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