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What is the significance of the development of

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-12
Recently, with the big year-end red envelope of e-commerce, the sales of fresh meat also ushered in peak sales. At the same time, the 'box horses', 'super species', and '7FRESH' have been crowned as the new retail and retail revolution. In addition to bringing deliciousness to consumers, the fresh food e-commerce companies have also promoted the development of China's cold chain logistics in all aspects. Right now, cold chain logistics is 'hot', so what is the significance of the development of cold chain logistics? I. Significance of Cold Chain Logistics Development to Consumers As an ordinary consumer, when buying a series of products that require temperature control to keep fresh, such as meat, dairy products, frozen packaged foods, etc. in general hypermarkets, supermarkets, or traditional vegetable markets, in addition to considering whether the product is genuine, no In addition to counterfeiting, counterfeiting, and reliable quality, have you considered how these products are distributed from manufacturers to retail terminals? Because the quality assurance of very warm products in the entire supply chain is very important. The staleness caused by storage problems will affect nutrition and taste changes. It is a small matter. Serious conditions will affect physical health, so it can be equated with counterfeit goods. However, the supply chain behind this is often beyond the reach of consumers. Learned. Refrigerated and frozen foods require a complete cold chain logistics to control the temperature of the goods throughout the process (in accordance with relevant rules) to ensure the safety of the food; this includes the closed environment when loading and unloading goods, storage and transportation, etc. Less; the complete refrigerated food supply chain is an indispensable element of food safety, so the requirements of cold chain logistics are relatively high, and the corresponding management and capital investment is also greater than ordinary room temperature logistics. Significance of Cold Chain Logistics Development for National Development From a micro perspective, the realization of common distribution of cold chain logistics can improve the efficiency of cold chain logistics operations, reduce business operating costs, and save a lot of funds, equipment, land, and labor. Enterprises can concentrate on operating core business, promote the growth and proliferation of enterprises, expand the market scope, eliminate closed sales networks, and build an environment of coexistence and sharing. From the perspective of the whole society, the realization of the common distribution of cold chain logistics can reduce the total amount of social traffic, reduce the phenomenon that urban unloading hinders traffic, and improve the transportation situation; through the centralized processing of cold chain logistics, effectively increase the load rate of cold chain vehicles , Save cold chain logistics processing space and human resources, improve the cold chain business logistics environment and improve the overall social life quality. Significance of Cold Chain Logistics Development to the Industry Cold chain logistics serves a wide range of agricultural and sideline products, food and medicine, and industrial products, and is closely related to economic and social development and people's lives. On the one hand, cold chain logistics is a key link to ensure the safety of food and drug circulation. The central government has emphasized the need to use the most stringent standards, the most stringent supervision, the most severe punishment, the most serious accountability, and speed up the establishment of a scientific and perfect food and drug safety management system. Strictly guard every line of defense from farmland to dining table, from laboratory to hospital. Cold chain logistics is actually an important basis to ensure that food and drugs are always in a controlled temperature environment during processing, circulation and use, and to ensure product safety. Is crucial. On the other hand, cold chain logistics is also an important foundation supporting agricultural modernization. According to incomplete statistics, 80% of the fresh agricultural products in our country are currently transported at room temperature using ice quilts + quilts and plastic boxes. The corruption rate in circulation reached 30%, and the loss amounted to hundreds of billions. The development of cold chain logistics can not only greatly reduce the circulation loss of China's agricultural products, promote farmers' income, but also effectively improve the international competitiveness of China's agricultural products, and fully support and promote the development of agricultural modernization. Cold chain logistics is also an important guarantee for improving the quality of life of residents. With the continuous improvement of the consumption level and consumption capacity of urban and rural residents, the whole society has set higher requirements for the diversification, freshness and nutrition of fresh products and agricultural products. An important guarantee for nutrition loss and meeting the people's requirements of 'higher quality, convenience and safety'.
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