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What is the reason for the high fuel consumption?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
The winter in the north is painful and happy for most car owners. Many people wonder why they say so? In fact, it is very simple to understand! When the northerly wind is blowing outside, car owners can enjoy the warmth brought by the warm wind inside the car. Isn't this a joy? As for the pain, fuel consumption in winter is definitely a headache. Why is fuel consumption so high in winter? Especially for small-displacement cars, where does the fuel consumption go?

Idling hot car is the culprit

The exact form of hot car is: after half a minute to 1 minute in the hot car, the speed is firmly stabilized, and then you can go on the road with gears. The speed should be controlled, not to exceed 50km/h, and the gear should be gently geared to refuel. It is the most standard and accurate way to warm up a car. Energy saving, environmental protection, and less carbon deposits.

It costs fuel to turn on the heater

This is because the warm air in the cold winter uses the coolant temperature of the engine to produce heat, that is, the calories released by the engine itself are blown into the compartment through a hair dryer.

Generally speaking, the engine needs to be kept at a normal temperature during office work, which is about 80℃-90℃. If the temperature is too high, the cooling system of the engine will semi-automatically increase the water circulation speed of the cooling system, increase heat dissipation, and take away the calories of the branch; on the contrary, it will reduce the circulation speed of the cooling water and maintain the indispensable temperature.

This is also the most basic cooling principle of the engine. After understanding this principle, it is not difficult to understand that the cold winter engine needs to keep warm rather than heat. Due to the influence of flowing air, the temperature of the engine can not help but be maintained at around 80°C, especially when the weather is particularly cold, and the warm air is turned on. In order to maintain the temperature of the organism, the engine engine will increase the fuel injection volume and change the 'Ignition earlier Angle” to maintain the temperature, thus increasing fuel consumption.

Decreased battery performance is also a factor

In winter, days are short and nights are long, and the time to turn on the headlights is more than in summer. In addition, due to the low temperature in winter, the slower chemical reaction of the electrolyte can easily lead to battery loss. There is also a greater demand for electricity in order to overcome resistance during cold start in winter. The start of the engine requires more fuel to convert electrical energy to charge the battery, so relatively speaking, it is also a factor in increasing fuel consumption.

Reduced tire pressure increases fuel consumption

The reason for the thermal expansion and contraction in winter causes the tire pressure to decrease, which increases the rolling resistance to a certain extent. Therefore, the engine needs more power to overcome this resistance, so the fuel consumption increases accordingly. However, it should be noted that the winter tire pressure cannot be Complete fuel saving can increase tire pressure, because too high tire pressure will reduce the contact surface between the tire and the ground. In severe weather such as ice and snow, tire slip will increase, which is not conducive to safe driving. Therefore, it is better to have high fuel consumption and to ensure safety.
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