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What is the rate of destination when receiving provide complex furniture assembly?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Often have customers call advisory, abroad in Marine furniture, ask us VIPU international logistics Supply Chain at the destination when receiving the furniture assembly services are provided. If you provide will be charged extra? VIPU Supply Chain international logistics delivery service to send the goods to your home on the second floor and second floor below, some countries may provide a bed assembly, and some simple furniture assembly, so how do we define what is a simple furniture? We specially and foreign suppliers to confirm, the furniture of more than 8 screws they are defined as complex furniture. So you need to pay attention to, needing those who remind you is foreign brand new furniture assembly services are provided. So whether VIPU international logistics Supply Chain is not able to provide furniture assembly services? No, we can provide assembly service, only furniture installation according to the hourly rate in foreign countries. That is to say how long time you install the furniture will need to pay for how long, each country will have different, different cities charge standard will also differ, it is recommended that you call VIPU international logistics Supply Chain, then according to your actual condition to give you a comprehensive proposal. About the American furniture assembly ( The United States - The definition of simple assembly) 1. Must be old furniture, new furniture is not including installation services. 2. Default simple assembly type furniture category: according to defined within the international logistics association regulations: 8 screws under the bed of furniture and simple group ( The head of a bed, bed end, bed board) , table legs, sofa legs, dresser mirror life such as commonly used simple furniture, other assembly will generate additional costs ( Does not include the complicated steps such as ikea furniture, European style bed furniture installation) 。 3. Single assembly time not more than 15 20 minutes, the total assembly time not more than one hour, timeout usually is 125 - $150 / hour to assemble additional cost.
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