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What is the price structure of shipping international logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
For many new immigrants preparing for international logistics, it is usually the most cost-effective to ship by sea because of their large items and large size. At present, many logistics companies in the market, such as VIPU Supply Chain International, can provide customers with one-stop door-to-door international shipping logistics services. There are many types of international logistics items, and the requirements for packaging and loading and unloading are also different for different sizes. So how do we calculate international logistics costs when we conduct international logistics? What is the structure of shipping international logistics prices? VIPU Supply Chain International usually tailors various forms of logistics transportation services according to the customers' own needs. The quotation is often an all-inclusive price. Why? Because international logistics involves a lot of links, the requirements of each logistics customer are different, and the items are different. For example, domestic and foreign shipping addresses, how many items are transported, timeliness requirements, customs policies, etc., will all affect the price constitute. Generally speaking, the cost of international logistics is mainly calculated according to the volume of the item: yuan/cubic. When the customer communicates with VIPU Supply Chain's customer service staff, provide the address information, transportation time, foreign delivery address/zip code, The general details of the items, the certificate information of the consignee and the consignor, and the required additional service content, etc., can the customer service judge according to the actual situation of the customer, and provide an optimal transportation logistics plan, and calculate the price based on this, due to the content involved There is a certain degree of complexity, and it is often difficult to generalize, so VIPU Supply Chain customer service usually gives an all-inclusive one-off price comprehensively evaluated.  So, what are the components of the cost of international logistics? Taking shipping as an example, transportation costs can generally be divided into the following aspects:    1. In order to avoid serious damage to the goods during transportation, and to meet customs clearance requirements, furniture and other items need to be customized by a professional packaging team when moving money Customized packaging, materials including cardboard, carton, pearl cotton, bubble film, stretch film, corners, tape and other materials, as well as the corresponding packaging, handling labor costs, which are all included in the cost.  2. After the items are packaged, the packaging team of the logistics company will transport the packaged furniture, electrical appliances and other personal items to the local warehouse or the nearest port city designated warehouse. This inland transportation fee is also included. 3. The goods must go through the customs declaration procedures before being loaded on the ship, and they can be on the ship after customs inspection. During this period, a series of related expenses will be incurred. If the goods need to be fumigated according to the requirements of the destination country, it will naturally also produce fumigation related cost.  4. The cargo will have related port loading and unloading, documents and other miscellaneous fees at the port of departure, and the shipping company will charge the corresponding ocean freight during the transportation.   5. Corresponding port incidental charges will also be incurred when the goods arrive at the port of destination.  6. u200bu200bAfter the goods arrive at the port of destination, carry out the corresponding customs clearance, that is, declare to the customs of the destination country. After the permission of the customs of the destination country, we can arrange further work. The fulfillment of customs clearance procedures will also incur corresponding costs. 7. After the goods have completed the customs clearance procedures, we will provide you with follow-up delivery services. According to the requirements of each customer, it is also slightly different. It basically includes placing all the furniture in the designated room, removing the outer packaging, and simply assembling the furniture. Before leaving, clean up all the broken packaging debris and take away.  International logistics costs mainly include departure costs, ocean freight, and destination costs. Departure costs include home packaging costs, domestic transportation costs in the city, customs declaration fees, port miscellaneous costs (possible fumigation and inspection costs at the port), ocean freight, and ocean freight charges are subject to change. Destination fees include customs clearance fees, port fees, door-to-door delivery and unpacking arrangements.
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