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What is the outlook for the fast-moving industry?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-12
The rapid development of the fast-moving industry in recent years has attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs. But for those who are new to the fast-moving industry, many entrepreneurs have a wait-and-see attitude towards the development prospects of the fast-moving industry. So what is the future of the fast-moving industry? Let's explore this article together. As we all know, the logistics road transportation market is basically divided into three relatively large sectors: vehicle, express and express. Overall, the development prospects of the fast-moving industry are quite good. China's LTL logistics industry has a relatively low concentration, large leading companies have not yet formed, capital is constantly involved, and market attention has increased. The next few years will be the golden integration phase of the fast-moving industry. In recent years, capital has paid more and more attention to the LTL market (data as of August 2018), and capital inflows have become apparent. At the 8th Yunlian Summit on May 6, 2019, Li Zhongxin, Executive Dean of the Yunlian Research Institute, released the 'Research Report on China's Highway Freight Development-Less-than-truck Goods'. Debon Express once again defended the 'Top 30 Less-than-Truck' revenue list.In 2018, its revenue continued to increase but the growth rate continued to decline gradually; SF Express' revenue again doubled and won the runner-up; Anneng, Best Express Express continued to maintain high growth; while “Dark Horse” crossed the Express Express to enter the top 5 of the list. Now the LTL market is almost in fierce competition. It is difficult to fight prices, services, and capital with these giants! In the wild growth of the LTL market during the first 10 years, some myths of 'making wealth' did appear, but there are also many private bosses who said that when they bought a big cart and pulled goods, they could get the cost of the car in about one year. Earn it back. Who dares to say this now? Some companies are even operating at a loss. The main reason is that the owner is reducing costs, and other costs such as labor costs of logistics companies are rising. If you want to continue the business, you must give some points to the customer. Otherwise, no business can be done. In general, the prospects are okay. Although you have missed the best time to cut in, the economy will continue to grow steadily, and logistics demand will continue to be strong. There is still a lot of space in the fourth and fifth tier cities; however, logistics now earns It ’s hard money and average profit; if you want to do express transportation in the local area, you also need to look at the economic level of the location. The existing logistics providers, such as the postal service, are in place in the local area. With the setting already relatively reasonable, the market space left to you will be small. If you want to base yourself and develop for a long time, you will face fierce competition.
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