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What is the most representative 'explosion' among the BRICS countries?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-20
I heard that the most secure place in the whole universe is not Xiamen. The city has entered the strictest traffic control period in history. In the end, it is 'Where sacred, 'and the city has entered a state of alert. The traditional 'BRIC '(BRIC for short)By Brazil (Brazil)Russia (Russia)India (India)And China (China) The English initials are composed of words and English word bricks (Brick)Similar, so it is called the 'BRIC countries '. In December 2010, from South Africa (South Africa) Since joining, its English word will be changed to 'BRICS' and changed to 'BRICS '. In addition, the BRICS countries are also marked by the colors of the five national flags, symbolizing the cooperation and unity of the BRICS countries. So what are the most representative explosions in these countries? India, the relationship between China and India is very tense recently. There are rumors that Indian leaders will be absent from the BRICS Summit in Xiamen, but they have to say that some high-profit products in India are really hot in China. The second generation Kamsutraoil from Indian God oil, using the latest BZT packaging, is a herbal extract of male massage oil. It is reported that Indian God oil is a massage oil produced in India, also known as Ayurvedic Indian God oil. It is a sexual health product, also known as 'Buddha's essence ', the aim is to help people obtain improvement, happiness and satisfaction between beds, and then essence spreads to Hinduism and mass production, which has become a world-renowned product. Brazil is the largest developing country in the southern hemisphere. The Rio Olympics in 2016 was still a lingering fear and the simplest Olympic Village in history, 'Blind' referee, hanging the wrong Chinese flag and a big blue pool, the Rio Olympics came to a close in the sound of snoring. Some people said, 'I am only serving this Olympic Games. 'Of course, not to mention the Olympics, the Brazilian acerola cherry, known as the' King of plant vitamin C ', is also red all over the world. From swanson swanson acerola cherry, it has smooth skin and beautification effect. At the same time, it also has the effects of protecting stomach, promoting iron absorption, relieving anemia and other effects. Do you still remember the classic advertisement in the TV advertisement, 'only use Brazilian needle cherries, but give birth to Heaven? After being planted with grass, I checked the nutritional ingredients of cherry needles, which can not only improve immunity, prevent colds, dilute color spots, extract super oxide dismutase, effectively resist foreign invasion and delay aging, the King of word vitamin C! With so many benefits, are you also excited? When Russia talks about Russia, you must first think that the streets are full of handsome men and beautiful women! In addition, Russia's hot-selling products are also endless, vodka, Russian candy, Russian doll, caviar and so on. Kpokaht purple skin candy sandwich chocolate imported from Russia is made of cocoa. It is matched with chocolate milk and almond peanuts. It has a silky taste, crisp and delicious, with distinct layers, which makes people have endless aftertaste! It is worth mentioning that every almond peanut cake is wrapped in heat-insulating paper, not afraid of the sun. Whether you share it with your girlfriend, with your friends, or with your colleagues, every kpokaht chocolate peanut crunchy sugar is enough to make you sweet and feast your taste buds, share a wonderful moment! South Africa, speaking of South Africa, is an international country with a reputation of 'Rainbow Country'. It is located at the southernmost tip of the African continent and has a complete hardware infrastructure and stock market, gold and diamond production ranks first in the world, and deep mining technology is the world's leading position. It is no exaggeration to say that South Africa is full of gold! Derived from GSK natural amethyst garnet pendant 18K rose gold colored gemstone necklace clavicle chain South African diamond. This gorgeous colorful light, unique diamond fire color, plus a natural South African white diamond, is unique and reflects many extraordinary colorful lights, which makes people fondle admiringly. Tanabata is approaching, may wish to give you the goddess of this gift from the bottom of my heart, 'every colorful jewelry is brick-like love than gold. ', China' ancient songs depicting the painting, sitting in the moonlight to drink a cup of tea, stealing a moment of leisure, using tea fragrance to relieve loneliness . . . . . . ' A song of 'Chinese tea' vividly sings the historical origin that has been hidden in China for more than 4700 years. It is true that China is the hometown of tea, the compatriots of all ethnic groups in China have the custom of using tea to replace wine, attracting many tourists from home and abroad to stop and watch. The old tea tree is an original ecological tea variety. The authentic soil tea is the 'ancestor' of West Lake Longjing tea. It is sweet and mellow with quiet aroma. As the output of the old tea decreases year by year, it is more precious. Of course, for us 'ordinary people', the products of the BRICS countries are quite exciting.
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