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What is the mode of transportation of luggage worthwhile to study abroad

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
To study abroad to choose what is the mode of transportation of luggage bargain? International students for the first time to go abroad, study abroad baggage is a real need to solve the problem. According to VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for many years experience of studying abroad baggage, compared the variety of modes of studying abroad baggage, including: random, international express, international check-in luggage by sea, sums up some experience, hope to take you to find the exit to solve the problem. 1, the international express: study abroad in 1 - baggage weight 2 kg, the cost of the EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT and other international Courier company, can be directly delivered to the destination, adopt this way of study in baggage fees is one of the most expensive of all the way. Only 1 - if your goods 2 kg, such as some much-needed file ( Notarial deed, the domestic school report card, original certificate of deposit, etc. ) , international express this kind of way more economical choice, generally 3 to 5 days can be delivered to the destination, is very convenient, is the best way to emergency and bare. 2, random check: study abroad in 20 - baggage weight 40 kg, when the luggage is not overweight, study abroad in the most economical and practical to deal with random baggage is very convenient and students when the customs at the airport to check in at the same time. Random check, but there will be a weight and size limits, according to the different airlines, under free shipping weight limit is also different. In 20 - roughly 40 kg range ( Air China 40 kg, sia 35 kg) , if more than this range, it will charge a high air freight; Also has the corresponding provisions and trunk and width 3 edges the sum is no more than 158 cm high, usually 1 to 2 pieces of luggage. In addition, some countries is limited on the weight of the piece of luggage, such as Australia's labor law, single piece of luggage must not exceed 32 kg, otherwise don't help handling. If the size is larger, such as furniture, bicycles, etc. , some airlines do not even allowed to check it, and the way to the student at the airport baggage claim. Therefore, if the luggage is not overweight, adopt the method of random check is the most economical. VIPU Supply Chain international suggest students, at the time of prepare luggage, go abroad for the first time is so urgently required and must try to choose goods, such as seasonal clothing, required school supplies, common over-the-counter medicines, and so on. 3, international luggage by sea: study abroad unchecked baggage weight, low cost of luggage by sea is different from the international express and random check, fee standards is very clear, don't worry about the weight and volume, the cost is high in balance will be shipped as much as they want to transport, piece of luggage, of course, also have weight and size of the request. Only speed is slow, generally need to 20 days a month or so if you don't try so hard, the luggage such as non seasonal clothing, kitchen supplies, household items, such as bicycle big-ticket items, you can settle in abroad, such as by domestic family again shipping, also there is no speed. With heavy fines as part of the can pay the shipping cost, and can transport a large number of items. Warm prompt: because there are a lot of freight company also deal with international business, so VIPU Supply Chain international remind students: try to choose a regular international freight transportation company, avoid the luggage is lost or damaged and cause unnecessary trouble and economic losses.
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