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What is the meaning of international logistics, what is the international logistics?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
International logistics is a branch of logistics, is moved from a country/region to another country/region. With the deepening of economic globalization, transnational flow trend is irreversible. More and more immigrants, students, overseas ( In China) Workers, diplomats, etc. In the process of going abroad and home, need to be big personal items such as furniture, piano international transportation, international logistics as an emerging industry is more and more attention. International logistics, furniture and other personal items in the import and export customs clearance is limited by the various countries' customs policy, as well as the shipping cycle, the safety in the goods in transit, local logistics lp coordination problems such as the two countries. Therefore, international logistics and domestic logistics compared with more complicated and cycle is longer. International logistics process because of the complexity of the international logistics and professional, international logistics behavior is usually performed by professional international logistics lp to assist customers. The current mainstream international logistics lp business process is as follows, With VIPU Supply Chain, for example) : confirm logistics plan and initial offer customers consulting international logistics, VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp staff customized logistics solutions for customers, and provide the destination customs policy advice and goods packaging Suggestions, etc, and then a preliminary quotation according to customer's choice of services. On-site measuring volume and accurate quotation after confirmation of consulting, VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp will arrange business commissioner, door-to-door free volume, according to the customer request the shipment and arrival time and checked items details to calculate the accurate quotation. Confirmation of order after the confirmation of order is the door, and signed the international logistics transport contract ', and according to the customer's schedule, for the customer to choose suitable shipping date and booking, booking VIPU after the completion of Supply Chain in international logistics lp and customer provides door-to-door packaging service in the appointed time. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain operator according to the customer to provide identification data and 'packing list', by a private goods customs clearance in the port of shipment to the customs. Within 3 days after shipment, booking the shipping company for the customer will issue the ocean bill of lading, will put the Marine bill of lading electricity and statement to customers confirmation, the customer can arrange payment to the designated account when confirmed. The port of destination customs clearance and delivery services, according to the customer to choose the port of destination service forms are different; No matter the customer to choose what kind of service mode, VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp will follow up all the way, to help solve any problem encountered, until the customer received the goods. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain business introduction VIPU Supply Chain international logistics company has many years of international transportation experiences, personal items for the customer to tailor the most appropriate international logistics logistics solutions, providing global private goods LCL shipping door to door one-stop service, as well as the professional customs laws, regulations and relevant formalities process of consulting services. For immigrants, students, employment, people in China and abroad consulate staff to provide professional international logistics, personal belongings LCL, baggage service.
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