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What is the hair FBA air abroad flow _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-01
What is BFA air, FBA air transportation refers to the amazon's transportation channel, the goods sent to the destination country, the following detailed introduction for you. One, introduction of FBA air transport FBA air cargo service is provided by FBA amazon, including the air freight + local customs clearance + delivery destination country/region, Trinity, can deliver at any time, the whole process including the door, air cargo head of aging will be longer, 8 - commonly Not suitable for emergency items 15 days or so. Advantages: moderate price, timeliness is good, can enjoy the many benefits of amazon. Disadvantages: usually, you need to make an appointment to store, this is very troublesome. Two, FBA air transport operations process authorization the shipper and the shipping company confirm shipping prices and terms of service, freight company will give the shipper blank; Check the goods & throughout; , truthfully fill in the shipper check book, fax or refunded. Freight forwarders. Consignment goods should include the following fields: the shipper, consignee, station for the airport, the destination airport, the route/application, transportation declared value, the declared value for customs, insurance amount, treatment, the shipper in attached file, the actual gross weight, freight category, can be chargeable weight, rate, product name and number, the shipper signature, date, etc. 2, the inspection of the freight company will examine the content of the submitted authorization, check whether the information is complete, if we need to check the goods, and handling the goods need to check. 3, booking shipping company according to the power of attorney of the shipper, collect fees from the airline management departments and fill out the booking form, and provide the corresponding information; The name of the goods, volume, weight, number, destination; The time needed for delivery. Arrange the cabin and flight airlines according to the actual situation. After reservation, airlines will issue room confirmation ( Manifest) And at the same time provide a certificate to load the container, indicating the booking shipping space. 4, a: the goods delivery by the shipper, freight forwarder should fax the goods to the warehouse map to the shipper, indicate the contact person, telephone number, delivery address, time and so on, into the warehouse in order to timely and accurately. B: freight forwarder pick up the goods: the shipper need to freight forwarders to provide specific shipping address, contact person, telephone number, time and other relevant information, to ensure that the goods into the warehouse in time. 5, 6 goods into the airport, the European air transport export customs declaration first, will provide the consignor of export goods declaration form content input computer, the computer record in advance. Units of customs declaration form on the computer to fill in this customs declaration; Then put the customs declaration form and the related invoice, packing list and shipping list together, and the attached related documents when you want. After the customs declaration form according to fill in, hold customs declaration customs broker officially declare to the customs; Check right after the customs, the customs personnel will release list with release sheet, at the same time, in the export collection verification sheet, export customs declaration and clearance seal, and build official seal. In a shipper for returned product stamp tax documents. 7, after signature cover the bills of lading, the airline will need to go to the airlines signed the order. Only after the confirmation of order, the order will be handed over to the airline. 8, the handover delivery handover is to transport the goods air export aviation company, then the airline to arrange air transport. Paper delivery is keep the random file and the carrier of the files transferred to the airlines. Random file including the aerial air freight invoice original invoice, packing list, certificate of origin and certificate of qualification. , at the time of delivery will match the documents of the goods delivered to the carrier. Must be paste or fasten the goods before delivery, check and inspect the goods, and fill in the delivery list.
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