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What is the function of the distribution center?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-17
A distribution center is not equal to a warehouse. The main function of the distribution center is to provide distribution services. In the logistics supply chain, it is a logistics node, which is the distribution process for downstream logistics distributors, retailers, and customers. Utilize the circulation facilities and information system platform. For the goods handled by logistics, do flip loading, classification, circulation processing, supporting, design transportation routes, transportation methods, and provide customized distribution services for customers. Purpose To save transportation costs and ensure customer satisfaction. The operation procedure of the distribution center is generally: storage of goods → inspection and acceptance of incoming goods → storage of goods in stock → picking of goods according to customer requirements → delivery of goods → packing of outgoing goods → Shipping delivery → Store delivery. The main functions of the distribution center 1. Transportation function. The logistics center needs to own or lease a certain scale of transportation means. The logistics center with comparative advantages is not just one, but covers the whole country. Therefore, the logistics center should first be responsible for choosing a transportation method that can meet the customer's needs, and then organize the network transportation operation to deliver the goods to the destination within the prescribed time. In addition to the customer's cooperation at the point of delivery, the entire transportation process is as convenient as possible for the customer. 2. Circulation processing function. The main purpose is to facilitate production or sales. Public logistics centers often cooperate with fixed distributors or manufacturers for a long time to complete certain processing operations for distributors or manufacturers. Labeling, making and pasting barcodes are essential basic processing functions for logistics centers. 3. Storage function. The logistics center needs storage facilities, but the customer does not store goods in the logistics center, but guarantees market distribution activities through the warehousing link, while reducing inventory funds and storage costs as much as possible. Therefore, public logistics centers need to be equipped with efficient sorting, storage, transfer, and picking equipment. 4. Packaging function. The purpose of the packaging operation is not to change the sales packaging of goods, but to assemble, combine, and strengthen the sales packaging to form a combined packaging unit suitable for logistics and distribution. 5. Loading and unloading function. It is a necessary function to speed up the circulation of goods. Public logistics centers should be equipped with specialized loading, lifting, unloading, transportation, palletizing and other loading and unloading machinery to improve operating efficiency and reduce product damage. 6. Logistics information processing function. The logistics center is inseparable from the computer. Therefore, the logistics information generated in various logistics operations in various logistics links will be analyzed, collected, and transmitted in real time, and various operation details and consulting information will be provided to the cargo owner.
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