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What is the FBA Japan line? Can FBA Japan line be the freight forwarder for food contact products?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-09
FBA Japan line, Japan line freight forwarding service overview FBA Japan line (System Code: STFBA) It is a special line service specially designed by Expo logistics and Japan Sagawa Express for Japanese FBA users with good customs clearance, excellent price and fast speed. This service provides FBA head service of more than 21kg to Japan. Service advantage, can provide importers: Four major express delivery to Japan FBA goods need customers to provide Japanese importers to pay customs duties and assist customs clearance, the general customer has no importers in Japan, this service can provide importers with customer service, advance customs duties and assist in customs clearance. Volume calculation: volume divided by 6000 aging: full 4- 5 working days, service price: This service is only available to FBA in Japan for the time being, and private address is not available for the time being. The quotation is as follows (Yuan/KG)From 100: as low as 10. 8 yuan/kg (Note that this price does not include tariffs) The tariff prepayment fee is used to pad the tariff, and the 8% tariff is received in advance, and the refund is less. Actual reimbursement (Exchange rate 0. 065)+ 3% of the tariff prepaid fee. Restrictions on packaging specifications of goods: 1. Weight and size restrictions of FBA in Japan: the weight of a single piece is less than 50CM, and the size of three sides is within '* *'. Super-size goods are not accepted. Oversize goods will be rejected by Amazon warehouse. What is the FBA Japan line? Can FBA Japan line be the freight forwarder for food contact products? . Jpg customs clearance precautions: for the Japanese customs to strictly check the statistics of various products as follows ( The following is an example. More restricted products are determined by Japanese customs): 1. Brand category 【 That is, Apple, LV, Samsung, shoes, clothes and other products involving international brands cannot be shipped without genuine authorization. ]2. Health license 【Food, contact with human skin, imported products. Such: kitchen utensils, kettle, CUP, coffee pot, meat cutter, barbecue net, tableware, knife, Blender, juicer, massager, beauty instrument, electric toothbrush, tooth washer, cupping, CUP, children's toys, children's clothing (7 years old and under 7 years old)]3. Pharmacy, law class 【 Hair Removal, device, beauty, capacity, instrument, beauty stick, myopia glasses, reading glasses; ]4. Cultural Intellectual property category 【Such as: Books (Does not include advertising Books), Newspapers, CDs (Story discs and images with content are not allowed; Drive discs must have genuine product content proof to ship] The above is an analysis of what FBA Japan Special line is and whether FBA Japan Special line can go to freight forwarders for food contact products. If you want to know more about FBA Japan special line, please keep an eye on our VIPUTRANS!
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