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What is the effect of central European trains on China's logistics _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-25
The official opening of China's railway central trains consistent brand, consistent brand central trains on the day of departure from chongqing, chengdu, zhengzhou, wuhan, changsha, suzhou, dongguan and yiwu eight originating. In the future, our country all central European trains to Europe will all choose this brand. China-eu trains formation and advantage: the trains has become China's railway brand image. Silk of the running train and floating for modelling, LuHui blend in China railway, China railway abbreviations, express trains English letters and other elements, with red, black color strength in our country, highlights the Chinese railways sedate, honesty, tolerance, and the strength of the brand image. Consistent china-eu trains brand building, trains naming, brand identity, brand and brand, is conducive to assemble all strength, enhance the competitiveness in the international transport category, will be central to forge a internationally competitive trains and credibility of the international famous logistics brand, supply side to promote railway structural reforms, try our best to supply more effective supply, to better serve; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Construction, has very important meaning. Trains the number continues to grow, at the same time, wuhan wujiashan train to Hamburg, Germany, from the beginning in mid-may will continue to rise. Learned, wuhan railway bureau will open more 30 freight trains, which contains the central trains on 6 train, fast container trains, the goods trains on 17, 1 trip to express trains. At this point, starting or after a total number of all kinds of freight trains operation in hubei province reached 99 columns, for wuhan to attend; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Laid the railway logistics foundation construction. As a central class change and influence of China's logistics: the passage of trains is beneficial to improve between China and European countries, along with; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Push strategy. China-eu trains its safe and convenient, the green environmental protection, affected by the natural environment and small advantage, has become the international road transport in the logistics backbone method, in order to service our foreign economic and trade, throughout central Europe land trade channels, complete unicom, logistics unblocked between China and the eu's journey, to promote national; One Belt And One Road & throughout; To build the supply capacity. Up to now, the country has accumulated operation central trains more than 1700 columns. The official opening of the railway in our country central trains consistent brand, its meaning is to promote the resources integration, will gather in form resultant force of the dysfunctional strength; Punch & throughout; Railway freight transportation, which will be conducive to improve our country in the European and international influence, promoting international logistics all set up another new milestone.
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