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What is the difference between shipping and general

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-23
With the rapid development of logistics, distribution and delivery are a link in the logistics process, but there is still a certain difference between distribution and delivery. Compared with delivery, delivery is more specialized, and delivery has gradually moved to the delivery system. Development, more intensive and professional, to improve the level of logistics development from point to surface, and promote the development of the overall logistics industry. Distribution is a function derived from transportation in the logistics system and is a short-distance transportation. It has the following characteristics: (1) The delivery distance is short and the radiation range is small. (2) Distribution is located at the end of the supply chain and is in branch line transportation, which usually occurs near the end consumer, while logistics involves transportation throughout the supply chain. (3) Logistics is the product of the separation of business and goods, while distribution is the product of the integration of business and goods. (4) The fluid handled by logistics has the characteristics of few varieties, large batches, and small batches; the distribution has the characteristics of multiple varieties, small batches, and multiple batches. Distribution is a special and comprehensive activity form in logistics. It is a close combination of business flow and logistics. It includes both business flow activities and logistics activities, as well as several functional elements in logistics. There is a clear difference between delivery and delivery. Delivery is just a form of physical transfer between supply and demand, and the meaning of delivery is much broader. The main differences are reflected in the following aspects: First, delivery is mainly reflected as a marketing method for production companies and commodity trading companies, and the purpose of selling more products is achieved through delivery. Distribution is the product of socialized mass production and highly specialized division of labor, which is the development trend of the socialization of commodity circulation. Secondly, for the user, the delivery method can only meet part of their needs. This is because the delivery person has what to deliver. The distribution takes the user's requirements as the target, which is embodied in what the user requests and what he wants, and whenever he wants. Third, delivery is usually incidental work of the delivery unit, which means that the main business of the delivery unit is not delivery. The distribution is expressed as a full-time job in the distribution department, usually as a distribution center dedicated to distribution services. Fourth, delivery can only be a service method in the circulation of goods. And distribution is not only a means of logistics, but more importantly a logistics system that will eventually develop into a 'distribution system.' Fifth, the centralized distribution of inventory by the distribution enterprise to ensure the supply of materials to the production units within the enterprise can replace the original scattered stocks established by enterprises to ensure continuous production, so that enterprises can achieve zero inventory. This has been proven in the logistics developed countries and in some regions in China. Delivery does not have this feature. Although China has not been developing material distribution for a long time, the scope of distribution is continuously expanding, the number of distribution materials is also increasing, and the level of distribution is gradually developing to a standardized high level.
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