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What is the difference between international freight forwarder and logistics lp?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
International freight company is the nature of the special international freight company to transport of goods trade is given priority to, all operating modes such as this is the customer's personal belongings as trade goods to export customs declaration, the cost is low, the general customs will not check, but for some furniture items such as freight company may require customers to do the commodity inspection, fumigation. In the port of destination customs clearance, this kind of company is to deal with, in the form of trade goods costs than private goods customs clearance is much lower, but the customer should pay tax to the customs for this. International freight company overseas distribution services are generally entrust logistics company, they will send the item to the customer designated address the door, and other things like furniture disassembling and cleaning the following goods and is completed by customers themselves. International logistics lp international logistics lp generally is to provide a full range of international logistics service door to door. With VIPU international logistics Supply Chain, for example, VIPU Supply Chain focused on international logistics service for many years, the customer demand for international logistics has a profound understanding. VIPU Supply Chain international logistics company has a professional furniture furniture packaging team and service team has a lot of private goods customs declaration/clearance, national customs policy, fumigation, tax and other knowledge. Destination services, VIPU Supply Chain in global hundred countries and regions have hundreds of international logistics association qualified quality partners, service network all over the world each corner. In the destination countries to sending goods to customers are put in place in the home, dismantle the outer packing and remove garbage and provide a simple assembly services. In addition, in the international logistics service in all the way, the customer only need to provide copies of certificates and fill in several forms, the rest are to VIPU international logistics Supply Chain staff, achieves truly for the customer easier then, these services are not a shipping company to complete. International logistics to find VIPU Supply Chain, instantly online inquiry or contact us.
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