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What is the cost of Amazon's first trip?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-19
What is the cost of Amazon's first trip? What fees are included? Next, let's take a look at it with Xiaobian. A healthy Amazon FBA head-trip fee order includes: cost Commission, head-trip fee FBA fee for a single product, value-added services (Optional) Storage fee Amazon fba head freight how much? Transport aircraft Amazon fba head-trip transportation formula, volume algorithm: A = unit basic freight (MTQ)× Total volume (CBM)Weight algorithm: B = unit basic freight (TNE)× Total gross weight (KGM)Volume weight = Square number (CBM)× 167/KG; Fba head-trip shipping freight: actual weight = physical weight of goods after weighing cargo volume = length x width x Height of FBA goods in the United States, Volume weight (Kg)= Long (CM)X width (CM)X high (CM) /6000 2, volume weight (Kg)= Volume of goods (CBM) X167 kg, what is the cost of Amazon's first trip? Available Amazon Logistics revenue calculator: Amazon Logistics revenue calculator: https://mai . amazon. cn/hz/fba/pro. . . or/index? Lang = zh_CN, cost: product purchase cost Commission: different commissions for different categories, most of which are charged 15%. For details, please refer: https://sellercentral . amazon. Com/gp/help/200336920 initial cost of a single product: that is, the cost of sending products from China to Amazon warehouse is generally averaged, for example, a batch of 300 FBA products are sent to warehouse, the total logistics fee is 3600 yuan, and the initial cost of a single product is 12 yuan RMB FBA fee: including order processing fee, pick-up and packaging fee, weight processing fee ( Note: FBA has raised its price on 2016. Please click the link below for the new price. ) https://sellercentral . amazon. Com/gp/help/201112670 order processing fee: the fee charged for processing an order. Pick-up and packing fee: for each item, a few items in an order will be charged several times. For example, if a guest places an order, including 2 items, the fee will be charged twice. (Note: clothing is charged an extra 0. 4 dollars or so) Weight handling fee: the weight of the product, plus the weight of the package packaged when FBA is shipped. If you want to correctly estimate this cost, you need to know which size segment of your product is charged by Amazon and which weight segment is charged. For example, a product 15' * 12' * 4', 4 pounds. Referring to the following size segments, the shortest side of the product is 4', which exceeds the small standard size of 0. 75', so this product is not a small standard size, but a large standard size. Therefore, this product is charged according to the standard size of large size and weighs 4 pounds. Order processing: $1 Pick-up and packaging: 1. $04, weight handling fee: 1. 59 0. 39 *(4-2) The US dollar therefore calculates its FBA cost as 1 1. 04 1. 59 0. 39 *(4-2)= 4. 41 dollars
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