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What is the charge standard for sending items abroad?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
International express delivery is required for sending things from home to abroad, or returning from abroad. Speaking of express delivery, everyone is familiar with it, but international express delivery is rarely contacted. For those who use international express delivery for the first time, what is often concerned about is the issue of charges, so what is the charging standard of international express? If you want to know the cost of international express, we must first know its weight and package size. Because in international express, the charge is based on the actual weight and volume of the consignment. This refers to the actual weight of the package after the package is completed, whichever is larger. For example, DHL Express, which is often used to send to the United States, when the volume of an item is too large and the weight is too light, they will charge the fee by converting its volume into weight during transportation. Volume weight calculation method: length × width × height (cm) ÷ 5000 u003d volume weight (Kg), the figure obtained is the volume weight of the package, and then compare the actual weight, the larger value of the two is used to calculate the international package tariff. It should be noted here that after the volume weight is calculated, one digit after the decimal point is retained. If it is less than 0.5, it is calculated as 0.5 (such as: 9.2 is charged as 9.5), and more than 0.5 is calculated as an integer (such as: 9.6 is charged as 10). If the weight exceeds 20KG, the numbers after the decimal point are rounded into integers (for example: 25.2 is charged at 26). After knowing the weight of the express, the next step is the charging standard. In international express delivery, the charging standard is based on the first weight + additional weight, the first weight refers to 0.5KG, and the additional weight refers to each 0.5KG in the back. Here is an example: assuming a 10Kg item is sent, the first weight of international express The cost is 100 (the express fee within 0.5Kg is 100 yuan), and the renewal weight is 40 yuan, then the charge is 100 + (10-0.5) 240, 100 refers to the first first weight cost, (10-0.5) 240 Refers to the renewal cost of 19 40s. Different countries have different prices, because different countries have different geographical locations, customs clearance requirements, etc., so the corresponding postage will also be different. For example: to the United States, the cost of international express delivery is 220 yuan for the first weight of 0.5KG, and about 50 yuan for the additional weight of 0.5KG. The Japanese international express delivery cost is about 190 yuan for the first weight of 0.5KG and about 40 yuan for the additional weight of 0.5KG. The European international express delivery fee is The first weight 0.5KG is 240 yuan, the additional weight 0.5KG is about 50 yuan, the Southeast Asian international express fee is 210 yuan for the first weight 0.5KG, and the continued weight is about 40 yuan. In addition, the price of different kilograms will be different. With 21Kg as the demarcation point, items below 21Kg and less than 0.5 kg will be charged as a unit of 0.5 kg, which is the first weight + continued weight; more than 21 kg, less than 1 kg 1 kg is a billing unit, there is no first weight and continued weight, and the unit price is charged, so it is more cost-effective to increase the items sent abroad to 21 kg. What are the things worth paying attention to when sending international express for the first time? 1. The sender should use English to fill in item by item in detail, accurately and truthfully, and the handwriting is clear and legible. 2. The name and address of the receiver and sender should be detailed and accurate, and the telephone number should be provided as much as possible so that the express can be contacted in time when there is a problem. 3. Parcel express delivery shall not carry cash, dangerous goods and other prohibited items listed in national laws and related regulations, as well as items prohibited by the carrier as express delivery. For example, some express companies do not carry sensitive items such as food and medicine. 4. In order to ensure the smooth customs clearance of the express, please declare the name, number, weight, declared value and country of origin of the goods in English in the corresponding columns in English in detail and truthfully. At the same time, any express items should be enclosed and filled in English The commercial invoice is in triplicate (at least one is required), otherwise it may cause delays in customs clearance. 5. International express delivery involves the taxation issues of the entry customs of the destination country. The taxation base and standards of different overseas countries are different. When sending an international express, you will usually be asked to fill in the list of items and the value of the item. The value of this item requires you to master the tariff thresholds of various countries. It is very important to make reasonable customs declarations according to different countries and the size and weight of your package. 6. Choose a professional international express company, which can not only provide free carton packing, but also help you pack and reinforce. The clothes can also be vacuumed for free to reduce the volume, and the freight can be reduced correspondingly, so that you can worry about your customers throughout the process. Worry free. 7. If the mail item is entangled in the four major international express or EMS, you can choose the four major international express and the first-level agent of EMS, use the agency price for transportation, the price is low and there are more choices.
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