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What is the calculation standard for aircraft consignment?

by:VIPUTRANS     2019-12-28
There are two kinds of luggage on the plane, one is carried with you and the other is checked by plane. Each airline has detailed regulations on the weight, volume and type of luggage. When the luggage is overweight, passengers need to check in the plane. Then what is the calculation standard for aircraft consignment, and how many pounds is free for aircraft consignment, the following is a detailed introduction. Within how many catties is the plane checked free of charge: domestic flights: According to regulations, each piece of checked luggage cannot exceed 50 kg and its volume cannot exceed 40 cm × 60 cm × 100 cm, each passenger has a free baggage allowance of 30 kg in the first class and 20 kg in the economy class. Passengers with baby tickets have no free baggage allowance. Checked luggage should be packed in good condition and tied firmly. No other items can be attached to the luggage. Bamboo baskets, net pockets, straw ropes, straw bags, etc. cannot be used as outer packaging, the passenger's name, detailed address and telephone number should be stated on the luggage. International flights: 20 kilograms of free luggage per person in the ordinary class of international flights. The first class is 30 kilograms per person. Luggage should be locked and valuables, documents and cash should not be put in. And fill in the name, address, start point and end point on the name label. Hang or stick on your luggage to prevent loss. Safety inspection may be carried out before luggage is checked, and luggage tags should be properly kept after checking, and the number should be consistent with the number of luggage pieces. What is the calculation standard of aircraft consignment? The calculation standard of overweight part is free of charge within the weight of aircraft consignment: The part exceeding the weight limit is charged according to the proportion of the ticket price, the price of excess baggage per kilogram for domestic flights is 1. Of the economy class full price ticket for the part exceeding the free baggage allowance. 5% to collect, the amount is in yuan. You must pay attention to the economy class full price ticket, not the discount ticket you bought. For example, the full price ticket for economy class from Beijing to Sanya is 2310 yuan, which is 2310 × 1. 5% = 34. 65 yuan, then the excess weight luggage fee is 35 yuan per kilogram (Less than one yuan is counted as one yuan). International flights must calculate the price of the overweight part according to the specific regulations of the airline.
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