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What is Singapore Post? Singapore Post's business content

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-08
Singapore Post ( English: Singapore Post) Is the national postal service provider, Singapore Telecom (English: SingTel) A subsidiary of the company is a privatized company. What is Singapore Post? The business content of Singapore Post. Jpg the operation content of Singapore Post the business income of Singapore Post mainly comes from three major business sectors: traditional postal service, logistics express service and retail service; Among them, the Postal Service includes domestic mail, international mail, mixed mail and philatelic, and the logistics service includes Guanqun logistics ( Quantium solutions), Express (Speedpost) , Warehousing, picking and distribution, e-commerce, retail business includes agency business, financial business, e-commerce payment business. Business income composition: postal business accounted for 59. 2%, logistics business accounted for 30. 5%, retail business accounted for 10. 3%; Domestic business income accounted for 88. 5%, overseas business income accounted for 11. 5%. The above is the content analysis of what Singapore Post is and the business content of Singapore Post. If you want to know more about Singapore Post, please keep an eye on our VIPUTRANS!
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