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What is overrun shipping?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-20
The phenomenon of over-limit transportation in the freight industry is very common. With the strict investigation and reform of the Ministry of Transport, the over-limit transportation phenomenon has decreased. The freight market price is relatively low. Many freight masters carry out over-the-counter transportation in order to save costs, but this behavior is quite dangerous and easily causes traffic accidents. So what is over-transportation? What are its standards? Definition of overrun transportation On the one hand, over-transportation refers to the equipment, components or goods being transported, whose external dimensions, heights, and weight lengths exceed the limits specified by the transportation department or the transportation department, and special measures are used to carry out the transportation operation. On the other hand, it refers to the behavior of vehicles on the highway that exceed the limits of length, width, and height, or the total load that exceeds the limit for highways and highway structures. Over-the-counter shipping limit The so-called over-limit transportation refers to the behavior of vehicles that exceed the load-limiting, height-limiting, width-limiting, and length-limiting standards of highways, highway bridges, highway tunnels or automobile ferries on the highway. Driving should only be carried out with the approval of the competent traffic authority. The specific identification standards for overrun transport vehicles are: 1. The total height of the truck and cargo is more than 4 meters from the ground; 2. The total length of the cargo is over 18 meters; 3. The total width of the cargo is more than 2.5 meters; 4. The total mass of bicycles, semi-trailers and full-haul trains is more than 40 tons; the total mass of container semi-trailers is more than 46 tons 5. Vehicle axle load mass is above the specified value; Single axle (single tire on each side) with a load of 6 tons; Single axle (double tires on each side) with a load of 10 tons; Double coupling (single tire on each side) with a load of 10 tons; Double coupling (single tire, double tire on each side) with a load capacity of 14 tons; Double coupling (double tires on each side) with a load capacity of 18 tons; Tri-shaft (single tire on each side) carrying 12 tons; Tri-shaft (double tires on each side) with a load capacity of 22 tons; Penalties for over-limit transportation If an overloaded or overloaded freight vehicle runs on a highway, the highway management agency shall impose administrative penalties on those responsible for the violation in accordance with the provisions of the Highway Law of the People's Republic of China. Regulations: exceeding the limit by 10% or less, focusing on criticizing education and generally not punishing. However, for exceeding the limit more than 3 times, he was ordered to unload and imposed a fine of less than 300 yuan; For exceeding the limit by 10% or more and 20% or less, a fine of 300 yuan or more and 500 yuan or less shall be imposed; Exceeding the limit by more than 20% and less than 30%, and a fine of 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan; Exceeding the limit by 30% to 40%, and impose a fine of 1,000 yuan to 1,500 yuan; For exceeding the limit by 40% to 50%, a fine of 1,500 yuan to 2,000 yuan shall be imposed; Exceeding the limit by 50% and 80%, and impose a fine of 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan; Exceeding the limit of 80% and 100%, and a fine of 5,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan; For exceeding the limit by 150% and below 200, a fine of 15,000 yuan will be imposed; for exceeding 200%, a fine of 20,000 yuan will be imposed. While penalizing the above, all of them must be unloaded. Transport hazards beyond limits (1) Vehicle overload and overload severely damaged highway infrastructure. The overloaded and overloaded vehicles far exceed the design loads of highways and bridges, causing road surface damage and bridge breakage, and the service life is greatly shortened. (2) The vehicle is overloaded, the load is increased, the resistance is reduced, the inertia effect is obvious, the braking distance is longer, and the danger is increased. If it is severely overloaded, it will cause accidents such as punctured tires, sudden yaw, brake failure, and rollover due to excessive tire load and excessive deformation. In addition, overload can also affect the steering performance of the vehicle, which can easily lead to accidents due to out-of-control steering. (3) When a driver drives a vehicle that is overloaded or overloaded, it often increases the psychological burden and mental pressure, and is prone to operating errors, affecting driving safety, and causing traffic accidents. (4) Because the vehicle cannot reach normal speed after being overloaded, occupying the lane for a long time will directly affect the smooth flow of the road. All in all, over-limit and over-load transportation are illegal and illegal, and will cause harm to society and itself. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly abide by road traffic regulations when transporting goods or passengers, and to prevent excessive overload.
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