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What is maritime logistics?

by:VIPUTRANS     2019-12-29
Generally speaking, shipping logistics can be understood as: goods are transported to the destination by ship in containers or in bulk. Marine logistics refers to a logistics method that uses ships as a tool to transport goods across the sea. The shipping process can be roughly divided into the following 9 aspects: 1. Consignment: 1. Provided by the shipper :(1)Box type. (2)Box quantity. (3)Destination port. (4)Shipment time. (5)Product Name (US line, must report name). 2. After the customer receives the shipping price. If you want to entrust the packing, the shipping company asks the owner about the packing method. (1)Factory packing (The shipper provides the factory address). (2)Warehouse packing (Freight Company provides warehouse address to shipper). 3. The freight company asks the shipper for customs declaration information. 2. Booking: Ningbo DHL provides the cargo situation to the shipping company and the shipping company to determine the price and book the shipping company. After receiving the booking, the shipping company informs the ship name, shipping date and bill of lading number. Three, do box: 1, warehouse do box. The freight company informed the warehouse of the ship name and bill of lading number. Lease the letter of introduction to the shipping company's container yard to pick up the box, and make the box after the owner delivers the goods. 2. Make boxes in the factory. After the freight company picks up the box, it will make the box according to the factory address provided by the shipper. 4. Customs declaration: Customs declaration after loading containers; The shipping company loaded the container onto the ship. 5. Unloading the shipping company to unload the container to the dock. 6. Notice to pick up the goods: the shipping company informs the pick-up person to pick up the goods. 7. Customs clearance: the pick-up person clears the customs. 8. Change the bill: the pick-up person changes the bill of lading into a bill of lading. Nine, pick up the goods: pick up the goods to pick up the goods
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