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What is FBA Amazon distribution? What are the three labels of FBA?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-02
What is FBA Amazon distribution? FBA, full name is Fulfilment by Amazon, that is, the seller delivers the goods to Amazon Operations Center (FBA head) Amazon is responsible for storing and managing goods, packing goods and providing quick distribution, and providing customer service and return services in local languages. Three labels related to FBA 1. Commodity label: Also called FNSKU, it is a label beginning with XOO and must cover the original barcode of the commodity. The product label is the identification of Amazon's identification products. Note that if the background creation of the shipment shows the following prompt, it is because the seller chose the manufacturer label when you created the plan. The correct approach is: Amazon Logistics in the settings to see if the default label is Amazon label, if not, to change to Amazon label, and then sell one, then send FBA what is FBA Amazon distribution? What are the three labels of FBA? . Jpg 2, shipment label: refers to the label posted on the outer box of the package, marked with a shipment ID: FBAXXXXXX, a shipment number may have multiple boxes, will be in the shipment number U001, u002 is reflected. It is the logo of the outer packing box confirmed by Amazon warehouse when receiving the goods. 3. Pallet label: refers to the following Pallet labels on all sides of a Pallet. There are 4 Pallet labels, which are similar to the above-mentioned shipment labels. It is worth mentioning that the Pallet label will only be used during shipping.
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