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What is FBA? Advantages and disadvantages of FBA

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-09
Some readers asked Xiaobian, what is FBA? What are the advantages and disadvantages of FBA? Today, Xiao Bian will talk about this problem. Interested friends will come and have a look! FBA ( Fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon Logistics)Refers to Amazon's delivery processing orders ( Warehousing, picking up goods, packaging, distribution, collection, customer service, refund) The main content of the business is the warehousing and distribution business provided by Amazon. What work need to be prepared in the early stage of FAB? 1. Select the products to be FBA, judge whether the goods can be put into storage, whether they belong to Amazon logistics embargo goods, and estimate the quantity to be put into storage. 2. When you start to send FBA, you usually have to go to the background Setting- Fulfillment By tag service (( MWS Label Service)And Hybrid Storage Service ( Stickerless Commingled Inventory)Select disabled to disable. 2. 1. MWS Label Service Label Service: it means that the seller sends the goods to Amazon warehouse, and Amazon labels the goods according to the upc code of the product or other information that can identify the product, however, all the losses caused by this are borne by the seller, so it is generally recommended that the seller first post the label and send it to the Amazon warehouse. What work does FBA need to prepare in the early stage of delivery? FBA delivery preparation work, printer requirements Introduction 2. 2. Stickerless Commingled Inventory mixed storage service: refers to the same product listing, you have done FBA, others have done FBA, then your FBA inventory will be stored together with other people's FBA inventory. After the customer places an order here, FBA delivery will be sent to the customer from any one of your two goods, the selected goods may be your FBA inventory or someone else's FBA inventory. What is FBA? Advantages and disadvantages of FBA. Advantages of jpg FBA 1. Improve Listing ranking, help sellers become featured Sellers, snatch shopping carts, improve customer trust and increase sales. 2. Warehouses are spread all over the world and managed intelligently. 3. Powerful ground distribution channel resources, delivery time is super fast (Most of the warehouses are close to the airport)4. 7*24 Amazon professional customer service. 5. Erase the disputes caused by FBA logistics. 6. All FBA logistics fees are waived for products with a unit price of more than $300. 7. The advantages of single-item distribution of special cargo lines are obvious, such as the disadvantages of FBA such as oversized pieces and overweight goods. Generally speaking, the cost is slightly higher than that of domestic delivery (Especially non-Amazon platform FBA delivery)But it also depends on the weight of the product. 2. Poor flexibility ( Large platform, contact customers may not be able to respond in time, and feedback is slow). 3. FBA warehouse will not provide customs clearance service for the seller's first shipment. 4. If the preliminary work is not done well, the problem of label scanning will affect the warehousing of the goods, or even the warehouse. What is the above about FBA? Content analysis of FBA's advantages and disadvantages. If you want to know more about FBA, please keep an eye on our VIPUTRANS!
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