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What is customs AEO certification? How to apply?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
1. What is customs AEO certification?

'Authorized Economic Operator' (Authorized Economic Operator, referred to as 'AEO'), the certified company is a certified operator of China Customs. China Customs conducts mutual recognition of AEO with customs of other countries or regions and grants mutual recognition of AEO companies. Corresponding customs clearance facilitation measures.

2. Classification of AEO certified companies

Based on the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, convenience, and punishment for violations of law and trust, enterprises are divided into four management categories:

1. Advanced certified company

2. General certified company

3. General credit enterprise

4. Untrustworthy companies

3. What are the benefits of obtaining customs AEO certification?

On the whole, certified companies can enjoy customs clearance convenience, including reducing document review; applying a lower inspection rate; giving priority to goods that need to be inspected; implementing fast customs clearance; designated customs liaison officers to be responsible for timely communication to resolve AEO enterprise customs clearance Problems encountered in. Different types of certified companies enjoy different treatments.

4. Under what circumstances can companies apply for certification?

Before applying for certification, an enterprise should conduct self-assessment in accordance with the 'Credit Measures' and 'Customs Certification Enterprise Standards'. After the assessment is not in compliance with the standard, self-regulation and improvement shall meet the standard requirements, and then apply to the customs for certification:

1. Newly registered enterprises, general credit enterprises whose credit rating has not been adjusted after registration with the customs, or whose credit rating has been adjusted to a general credit enterprise for one year, can apply to the customs to become a certified enterprise;

2. If an advanced certification company is adjusted by the customs as a general certification company, it is not allowed to apply for becoming an advanced certification company within one year;

3. Enterprises that have not passed the certification shall not apply for certification to the customs again within one year.

5. Do branches of the enterprise need to be authenticated simultaneously?

1. If an enterprise applies to become a certified company or re-certifies a certified company, the customs shall at the same time certify its branches registered with the customs; the number of certified branches is determined by 10% of the total number of branches, with at least 1 certified and at most 5 certified .

2. The credit rating of the branch of a customs declaration enterprise registered with the customs shall be consistent with the credit rating of the customs declaration enterprise to which it belongs, and the customs declaration enterprise shall bear the corresponding credit management responsibility for the behavior of its branch.

6. General process of customs AEO certification enterprise application

1. Application

The enterprise submits the 'Application for Management of Certified Enterprise' to the customs at the place of registration. The applicant must be a general credit enterprise or a general certified enterprise.

2. Acceptance

If the application materials are complete, complete and standardized, the customs will accept and issue the 'Applicable Certification Enterprise Management Application Receipt'.

3. Review

The customs shall make a decision on whether the credit status of the enterprise conforms to the 'Customs Certified Enterprise Standard' within 90 days from the date of receipt of the 'Application for Management of Certified Enterprises'. During this period, the customs will review relevant materials and verify on-site.

* 3.1 Termination or suspension

(1) Suspension: During the period of application for certification, the enterprise is inspected and checked by the customs

(2) Termination: During the period of application for certification, an enterprise is filed for investigation or investigation suspected of smuggling, or a case is filed for investigation suspected of violating customs regulations.

4 Conclusion

(1) For enterprises that have passed the certification, the Customs will issue a 'Certificate of Certified Enterprise';

(2) For enterprises that have not passed the certification, the Customs shall issue the 'Decision on the Management of Enterprises Not Applicable to Certification'.
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