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What is anti-dumping in the US shipping process?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-29
Skip Juan Zheng I explicit shrugged guan stupid fighting fuck squid value, sommelier an  Emperor owe speech audience hall says our  Badger, aluminum master said Skip Juan shrugged Lai mu of beer D knock Foundation  distracted Court i'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this? Here, we will take anti-dumping as an example to discuss. The theory and practice of dumping and anti-dumping: international shipping has been widely used in the field of cargo trade, and has gradually become a non-tariff barrier for some countries to resist imports and protect related industries and commodities in the United States. Therefore, how to effectively use anti-dumping theories and rules to maintain the normal competition order in the US market and to protect the reasonable existence of US domestic industries is currently under study. What is US maritime anti-dumping? What is the US maritime anti-dumping duty against dumping foreign goods in the US market? Generally speaking, in addition to imposing import duties on dumped goods, additional taxes have been added to prevent them from being sold at low prices. What are the conditions for anti-dumping? First, determine the existence of dumping facts; Then determine that it causes significant damage or threat to the domestic industry of the United States, or causes significant obstacles to the establishment of the domestic industry of the United States; Finally, the relationship between dumping and injury is determined. There are two ways to avoid anti-dumping and high tariffs: Method 1. Entrepot trade in the third country method 2. Proof of origin in the third country. At present, U. S. anti-dumping products against China include: the main export commodities include chemicals, textiles, animals, mechanical and electrical products and 4000 other commodities. According to the statistics of the World Trade Organization, China is the country with the most anti-dumping investigations on its exports in the world. Which countries dump our products? The United States, Canada, India, Mexico and other countries conducted anti-dumping investigations on seamless steel pipes originating in China. The European Union, the United States, India, Brazil, Argentina and other countries and regions have conducted anti-dumping investigations on textile raw materials such as polyester high-strength yarn and viscose fiber. EU, Argentina, India and other countries and regions have carried out anti-dumping investigations on automobile parts, such as aluminum alloy wheels, steel wheels, front axle transmission rods and steering hinges.
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