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What is an overseas warehouse?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-31
The common understanding of overseas warehouses is that overseas warehouses established in other countries except their own regions are generally used for e-commerce. Goods are exported from the country and stored in the warehouse of the country by sea, freight and air. Buyers place orders online to purchase the required goods, and sellers only need to operate online, issue instructions to overseas warehouses to complete order fulfillment. The goods are sent from the country where the buyer is located, which greatly shortens the time required for shipping logistics from the country. Chinese sellers store goods in overseas storage centers that are transported centrally by sea, air or express, and issue operation instructions through the inventory management system of logistics carriers. The functions of overseas warehouses are as follows: 1) Shipping function: Overseas warehouses can provide shipping services for cross-border e-commerce sellers. Express delivery in destination countries is much cheaper than domestic express delivery. However, with the continuous development of cross-border e-commerce in recent years, if it is still based on the original business model of sending small packages on behalf of others, overseas warehouses will face rising warehouse operating costs and labor costs, at the same time, warehouse automation, the competition of FBA and the layout of Amazon's last kilometer have great impacts on the development of enterprises. 2) FBA returns and exchanges, etc. : Overseas warehouses with single functions can be easily replaced. In addition, the continuous growth of operating costs and the continuous dilution of profit margins directly affect the development of enterprises. It is necessary to evolve from the original one-generation idea to a multi-functional logistics transfer center. Haituo Tong provides one-stop overseas warehousing services, including FBA return and exchange, warehouse transfer, reprinting or labeling, FBA product testing, box division, payment of customs duties, insurance, etc. 3) Bonded Function: when the overseas warehouse is approved by the Customs to become a bonded warehouse, its functions and uses are more extensive, which can simplify the customs clearance process and related procedures. At the same time, entrepot trade can be carried out in bonded warehouses, with the location of overseas warehouses as the third country, connecting the seller and the buyer's country. This method can effectively avoid trade sanctions. In bonded overseas warehouses, corresponding value-added services such as simple processing can also be carried out, which can effectively enrich warehouse functions and enhance competitiveness. 4) FBA transfer function: first send the goods to the overseas warehouse of the destination country by air or sea, and then, if the storage capacity allows, ask the overseas warehouse to stick the FBA label and send it to FBA by local express, in order to reduce the risk of delay in some links. 5) Integration function of transportation resources: Overseas warehouse system providers think that due to the relatively small number and high frequency of B2C orders in international trade, therefore, in order to better integrate the upstream supplier resources of domestic warehouses and the downstream customer resources of foreign warehouses and meet the high-time distribution requirements of logistics, the domestic warehouse is taken as the end point of joint distribution and the overseas warehouse is taken as the starting point of joint distribution respectively, so as to realize the effective integration of transportation resources, achieve the scale effect of transportation and reduce the distribution cost. What are the above contents of overseas warehouses and overseas warehouse functions? If you want to know more about overseas warehouses, please keep an eye on us and contact us if you have any questions!
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