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What is Amazon's official first-way logistics?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-01

What is Amazon's official first-way logistics? Next, let's take a look at it with VIPUTRANS.  I hope it will be helpful to everyone! The full name of FBA is fullfilling By Amazon, which is called Amazon Logistics in Chinese, namely Amazon's official first-way logistics. It is a one-stop logistics service provided by Amazon, including warehousing, picking and packaging, delivery, collection, customer service and return processing. FBA head service can help sellers who use Amazon's global store program FBA service, by Air/Express/sea transportation, the seller's goods will be transported from China to the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, West, Canada, Japan, Mexico and India.  amazon warehouse. However, many people do not know that Amazon is not responsible for the logistics, customs clearance and tax payment of goods shipped from China to Amazon FBA warehouses in various countries. Therefore, the seller needs to solve the problem by himself or hand it over to a special FBA head freight forwarder to solve the business of head transportation, customs clearance and tax payment. Generally speaking, the fba Head course mainly includes four links: domestic delivery, customs declaration, transportation and customs clearance. Why do more and more logistics companies tend to do Amazon FBA first-way logistics? Because the high profits and the freight of traditional cross-border parcels are very transparent, and the low profits make e-commerce sellers switch to Amazon Amazon platform, and the more sellers, the more Amazon FBA first-way logistics services they need, so that the logistics company found a new threshold. 

 What is Amazon's official first-way logistics? Advantages of Amazon FBA head-trip logistics service: 1.  Diversification, suitable for FBA head-trip of various products.  If sellers are eager to replenish goods, they can use express delivery head-trip or air transportation head-trip; If you value cost, you can use the shipping head. 2.  Avoid inventory risk and reduce FBA inventory backlog risk caused by slow sales: products stored in FBA warehouse are related to account numbers, and the same products cannot be sold in multiple accounts. This is likely to cause the same product to be sold out in some FBA warehouses, but at the same time in other warehouses. If you use FBA head-to-head overseas warehouses and then transfer them in batches, you can effectively avoid the above risks and help you maximize your profits. 3.  Saving head-trip cost: the head-trip shipping service of domestic FBA logistics is specially designed for B2C cross-border e-commerce sellers.  Compared with the traditional shipping LCL service, the shipping volume is lower, the charging items are simpler and the overall cost is lower, which can help you greatly reduce the initial cost of FBA. 4.  Assist in customs clearance and reduce risks: overseas companies will assist you in customs clearance when using FBA to prevent high return costs caused by forced return of goods. 5.  Distribution service: provide services such as overseas warehousing, handling returned parts, printing Amazon labels, labeling on behalf of others, and sorting boxes, so that customers can enjoy a high-value logistics experience. The seller's choice of FBA distribution is helpful to the improvement of listing.  It can also increase the possibility of obtaining Amazon's gold shopping cart, increase Amazon's sales volume, and also help to improve the shopping experience of consumers.                                

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