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What is Amazon's first journey?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-06
What is Amazon's first journey? Today, I will give you the following scientific popularization! FBA, full name in English: Fulfillment by Amazon, is the delivery service provided by Amazon, namely Amazon first-way logistics. Amazon FBA head logistics includes two steps: 1. Send the goods to the domestic service provider warehouse, 2. Domestic service providers transport goods to Amazon warehouse (Amazon USA or Amazon Europe) Standard service, receiving goods from warehouses in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other port cities in China, and sending the seller's goods to the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan by sea and air transportation, amazon warehouse designated by Germany and other countries. What is Amazon's first journey? What is the head of Amazon FBA? We all know that Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance and Chinese delivery to Amazon warehouse services, but because Amazon does not solve the problem of the first process, the seller must be responsible for the first process of Amazon FBA, this is the first course of FBA. The first course of FBA refers to transporting goods from China to Amazon warehouse. There are special services to meet this demand. For example, there are export transactions in South China and East China ( Export easy is the FBA first service provider recommended by Amazon and also the self-shipping service provider). Amazon FBA head, there should be 4 kinds of delivery methods on the market: 1, straight delivery; DHL, UPS, Fedex and the like, generally more than 20kg Price is still good, fast time, suitable for emergency replenishment. Moreover, express delivery is free of reservation and warehousing, but it should be noted that Amazon is not the subject of customs clearance, is not responsible for customs clearance and tax payment, and must make declaration and customs prepayment and prepare local customs clearance importers in advance. General cross-border logistics companies such as export easy can provide tax number borrowing, of course, it is best to have their own customs clearance tax number, they can pay taxes is the best. Express delivery should pay attention to the invoice and customs clearance subject, and the addressee cannot be written as Amazon. It is generally recommended to write the sender's name directly as the addressee, but the addressee's address must be accurate. The phone number can also be left by the sender. In addition, because the 16-year Customs requires that china's shipments must have the logo of made in china, this label is required on the outer box and products. 2, Amazon FBA empty, send: use air to transport to the local, and then use the local express delivery to the Amazon warehouse, the time is fast, slightly slower than the straight delivery, express delivery is very convenient to enter the warehouse without reservation. Now the market is empty, the pie is generally double-clear tax, and there is no need to pay the tariff prepayment fee, etc. , the cost is also very cheap, about 30 yuan/kg. This method is also born with the market demand, which is still insufficient in terms of normality. Of course, it is suggested that sellers have their own tax numbers, and formal customs clearance and tax payment are the best. 3, FBA shipping head: Shipping, local customs clearance, destination country delivery, the time limit is slightly longer. The whole price does not include tax, almost 1000 or 1. 1 square meters. The United States and the United Kingdom are cheaper, and Canada is more expensive. This kind of shipping has a long lead time, usually more than a month. At that time, the trailer was sent to Amazon. Generally, it needs to be reserved for storage, and the operation is more troublesome than express delivery. But the price is cheap, if calculated according to 1CBM = 167, it is a few dollars 1 kg, which is cheaper than the express delivery of more than 30 1 kg. For 10 boxes of 20kg goods, the express delivery cost is about 6000, but shipping is estimated to be less than 2000, but the time limit is long, suitable for non-urgent replenishment. This kind of product is more suitable for large-volume replenishment in peak season or products with stable sales, otherwise the pressure on funds is still quite large. 4, overseas warehouse transfer: put the goods in overseas warehouses, one can do Amazon FBA, and can be sold on other platforms from overseas warehouses, the general overseas warehouse transfer to Amazon has many choices, you can choose express delivery without reservation or trailer delivery. The method is flexible and simple, and it can be replenished multiple times, and the replenishment time is short. Moreover, the problem of customs clearance has been solved before the goods arrive at the warehouse, and there is no big problem in sending them to Amazon from the warehouse. The use of overseas warehouses can also satisfy multi-platform sales, such as self-built platforms, wish, and many new platforms. The above is an analysis of what Amazon's first journey is. If you want to know more about Amazon's first journey, please keep an eye on us!
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