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What is Amazon FBA? The difference between Amazon first process and second process

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-01

What is FBA? FBA is a synonym for Amazon customers.  When products need to be transported to Amazon warehouses, this distance is transportation, which is the noun FBA, generally speaking, people in international logistics companies or in this field call it Amazon FBA's first journey. 

The full name of FBA is: fullfillmentby Amazon, which means that Amazon provides delivery service. What is the difference between FBA Head course and second course. Next, let's take a look at this process.  Amazon FBA is actually a simple statement of Amazon's overseas FBA warehouse delivery and transportation. More simply speaking, it is the transportation process of Amazon customers' goods from home to abroad, which is called 'Amazon FBA first journey'.  

What is Amazon FBA? The difference between Amazon first course and second course. What is the difference between jpg header and second header? The head trip generally refers to the head trip in the transportation, which starts from the place of departure to the end of the transportation point. For example, shipment from China to Amazon warehouse for sales: shipment from China to Amazon warehouse abroad is the first journey of FBA. 

What is the second journey? Delivery from Amazon's FBA warehouse to customers can become a two-way delivery.  For example, delivery from China to Amazon's warehouse is the first way for FBA, then the delivery from the Amazon warehouse to the customer is called FBA two-way delivery.                                

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