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What is a shipping agent? Overseas shipping agent

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-05-19
???What is a shipping agent? Foreign shipping agency. Shipping agency services. The shipping agency industry mainly includes international shipping agency and international freight. The commitment of the shipping agency to these two aspects is limited to the form of a joint venture, and the ratio of foreign shares cannot exceed 49%. In addition, the Maritime Shipping Regulations regard the NVOCC agent and the international shipping agency as two different shipping agency services. There is no provision for whether the NVOCC agency is open to foreign investment, and China ’s WTO commitments table is only for international The shipping agent made an open commitment. ????The impact of economic globalization on national interests, shipping agencies have led to increased economic imbalances in various countries, shipping agencies have intensified the contradictions between countries, making WTO-based multilateral trade negotiations trapped in admiration. In the stagnation of multilateral trade At the time, the area of ??marine agency regional economic conglomeration tended to increase. However, the marine agency did not open a new path for China ’s further maritime service trade. China still adopts the form of joint venture and equity ratio for shipping companies. The prospective person shall restrict and supervise the shipping agency.
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