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What international express company of China able to walk the fastest? _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-25
As is known to all, four big international Courier DHL UPS FedEX TNT express and UPU's EMS, the five basically can lead to more than 99% some parts of the world, due to its limitation quick price moderate, loved by some electric business of foreign trade and the parents of the students, except some products can't send express to choose international parcel, most of them are selected international express delivery. Can still exist a problem, because the five companies send express directly finds no discount, the price is very high, and looking for forwarding company send the international express delivery, but there is a discount. So in the face of the market, large and small ling thinks international forwarding company, which exactly, exactly which worth reliable here question is some foreign trade customer problems to be solved. What international express company of China able to walk the fastest? A, DHL DHL & ndash; — In Asia is Asia Freight Industry rated the best transport company DHL allow 675000 destination in 229 countries, more than 20000 vehicles, and more than 60000 employees in the United States and Europe more than 300 aircraft. Second, the FedEX ( Federal express) — — Professional global transportation and logistics, e-commerce and supply chain management, FedEX and ups in China's domestic market, also do have offices in shenzhen and the international agency cooperation, in order to further open the Chinese market. In regional terms, business accounted for 76% of total revenue in the United States, international business accounted for 24%. From the point of the mode of transportation, air transportation business accounted for 83% of total revenue, highway accounted for 11%, other 6%. Three, international express delivery giant UPS as giant UPS international express delivery, also do have UPS in shenzhen offices and agents. UPS has been in the international community of more than 50% of the market, 180 m customers to send a parcel, the recipient number up to 6 million, can reach the city is about 300 freight. Four, VIPUTRANS VIPUTRANS international logistics international logistics company is a company engaged in international logistics, the company strength is abundant, have special company dedicated line, is the international logistics industry backbone enterprises, the international logistics industry five star enterprise, AAA grade credit enterprise of international logistics industry, another warm prompt: according to relevant data statistics, now society has thousands of freight forwarders fraud, in the face of the international express company to choose small make up recommend that it is best to choose a time, have a reliable forwarder company credibility, specific details can be VIPUTRANS international logistics website http://www. guojiwuliu。 Net/consulting
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