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What factors should be considered for optimizing

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-16
'Slow express delivery', 'lost express delivery', 'courier does not deliver goods to your door', 'broken shipments' ... these are all a series of 'complaints' by modern consumers on the end delivery of express delivery. Now, in order to improve consumer performance and increase market share, many express e-commerce providers are delivering at the end of the code. So, what factors should be considered for optimizing end delivery? Let's explore it together. I. Intelligentization of terminal logistics and distribution The intelligentization of terminal logistics distribution mainly refers to the intelligentization of terminal logistics facilities. As the cost of manual logistics delivery continues to increase, the cost of terminal logistics is getting higher and higher. The intelligent terminal logistics facilities represented by smart express boxes can not only greatly solve the cost of terminal logistics distribution, but also reduce the manual delivery waiting. Traffic congestion and other issues. However, only by becoming a public facility can smart end logistics facilities play a greater role in the residents' community. Therefore, a reasonable mechanism needs to be adopted to make smart end-of-line logistics facilities public facilities invested by the government for use by enterprises and the public. Convenience of terminal logistics distribution The first is the convenience of the terminal logistics distribution model, including flexible distribution schedules, convenient communication of distribution information, and efficient distribution efficiency. The second is the convenience of the use of end-logistics distribution facilities. The end-logistics delivery-related facilities should improve the user-friendly experience, be easy for everyone to use, and easy to operate, thereby improving user satisfaction and user stickiness. Extensive logistics distribution at the end End logistics distribution is a precise interface to connect the most active users in the community. Whoever masters the end logistics will have the consumption trend of the target community. Enterprises can build an extensive end-logistics distribution system by building their own end-logistics distribution system or cooperating with other agencies and enterprises according to their scale strength and development needs. The extensive existence of a network of end logistics distribution systems can maximize the integration of fragmented social resources closest to consumers, expand the customer base, and generate huge business value. Collaboration of end logistics distribution In addition to enterprises' independent optimization of end-logistics distribution, collaboration with other organizations is also very important for improving the efficiency and resource conservation of end-logistics distribution. On the one hand, enterprises should be encouraged to carry out extensive cooperation with community service agencies, chain commercial outlets, large office buildings, institutions and institutions, university campuses and other units to set up end-of-logistics distribution stations to promote intelligent self-lifting; on the other hand, they should encourage logistics, Enterprises such as e-commerce cooperate with third-party professional end-logistics distribution companies to outsource end-logistics delivery services, and realize the professionalization and unification of end-logistics delivery through artificial logistics service stations established by third-party companies. V. Standardization of terminal logistics distribution The management of terminal logistics also has the problems of different standards, lack of unified management rules and cross-department coordination mechanisms, which is not conducive to urban management. It is necessary to rationalize the management system and standardize it. It is necessary to coordinate different departments to dynamically manage the terminal distribution of the logistics industry, develop management standards and rules applicable to terminal logistics distribution, such as vehicle standards, vehicle management, and staffing, establish a coordinated management system between different departments, and rationalize terminal logistics distribution. Government management system to promote its standardized development. Although the above factors mentioned by Xiaobian are all in the direction of idealization, with the continuous emphasis of government and enterprises on terminal distribution in recent years, I believe that the pain points of terminal distribution will be improved and solved one by one in the future. The above is the related answer to 'What factors should be considered for optimizing end delivery?' I hope it will be helpful to you.
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